Organizing Your Home Garage: 4 Must-Have Tools and Equipment

Many homeowners are guilty of having messy, unorganized garages. If you’re one of these people, then you know how hard it can be to find a tool you need, make repairs to your car, or even park properly inside the garage because of all the clutter.

Leaving your garage this way is a huge waste of space. Luckily, there are some home garage equipment dedicated to helping you keep your space organized and tidy.

Below are some must-have garage tools worth splurging on:

1. Alignment car lift

Many people think car lifts are only for auto shops, but they are also useful for home garages. Compared to a jack, an alignment car lift makes it easier for you to change your tires and work under your vehicle.

Unlike jacks, which can be cumbersome to work with and only raises one axle at a time and only to a certain height, a car lift raises all four wheels at the same time. The latter will give you an unobstructed view of your car’s undercarriage.

A 4-post alignment car lift is also ideal if you need more space to park your car. It allows you to raise one vehicle then park another underneath. If your garage can’t fit a 4-post car lift, then a 2-post one would still be effective. Depending on your needs, a 2-post lift would be better for you since it takes up less space, is easier to install, and costs less than 4-post lifts.

2. Workbench

Invest in a sturdy workbench that’s heavy enough not to move when you’re working. The setup doesn’t have to be anything fancy or elaborate, but you do want it wide enough so you can spread out the parts and tools you need when working.

You’ll also need storage boxes or organizers on your workbench to hold the tools and hardware you use frequently. Pegboards are a popular choice because they’re easy to install, space-saving, and make it easy for you to find what you need.

Your workbench area should have adequate lighting as well, so you can properly see what you’re doing. If standing for hours at the bench gives you body pain, you can buy an anti-fatigue floor mat that supports your legs and back.

3. Power Tool Organizer

The best power tool organizers are wall-mounted right next to your workbench. This way, your tools don’t take up too much space on the floor or on the bench, and they’re easy to reach for when you need them.

There are plenty of power tool organizers available in hardware shops, but you can easily make one yourself if you want to save some cash. Making your own organizer also ensures that you have just enough space for all your drills plus some extra storage for your spare batteries and chargers.

Check out this DIY power tool organizer with a built-in charging station.

4. Garage Vacuum

The inside of a garage can quickly turn into a mess if you don't clean it regularly. This is especially true if you do a lot of sanding, painting, or doing any bodywork in there. Look for a shop-quality vacuum that can handle wet and dry messes to keep your space tidy. A clean garage makes it easier for you to work and avoid losing small parts.

Store the vacuum inside or near your garage so you won’t have to lug it around every time you need to use it.

These must-have garage tools and equipment help keep your space clean and organized as well as allows you to make as much use of the space as possible. Keeping your garage organized makes it look like a more inviting space to work in, encouraging you to pursue all the DIY car projects you’ve always wanted to do.

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