Improving Vehicle Lift Safety: A Guide for Your Auto Shop

In September 2019, a car mechanic sustained severe injuries and later on died after a vehicle fell off the lift and onto the person. The authorities say that the “unfortunate accident” was likely due to the incorrect placement of the lift’s arms.

Operating automotive shops should take vehicle lift safety seriously to reduce workplace accidents. Following safety precautions and taking steps to optimize lift safety will make the working environment safer for mechanics, lift operators, and other automotive repair personnel.

Start with these six suggestions in mind:

1.Get ALI-Certified Lifts for Your Repair Shop

Vehicle shop owners should make sure their lifts have the coveted certification from the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI). Lifts certified by the ALI adhere to strict safety standards. This means that every component of the machine underwent stringent physical testing and inspection.

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2. Select the Right Vehicle Lift for Your Facility

Auto shop owners should know the height and weight of the vehicles they’re going to lift and service before working on it. When checking for height, facility managers should measure the shop’s height clearance. As for weight, the lift has to be checked if it can safely accommodate the capacity of the vehicle.

3. Do an Area Inspection Before and After a Vehicle Lift

Before operating the lift, mechanics should do a complete sweep of the area. They should check the lift’s perimeter and remove objects that could prevent the machine from working properly. Once the technicians have lifted the vehicle off the ground, they need to check the perimeter again for obstructions.

4. Have Your Lifts Inspected Annually

Each year, find and hire an ALI-certified lift inspector to check the condition of your vehicle lifts. Then, request the inspection supervisor to put the appropriate inspection label on the equipment as proof of inspection and compliance. An inspection label gives your auto shop workers peace of mind knowing that the lifts they’ll operate have undergone and passed stringent assessment and testing.

5. Maintain Your Vehicle Lift Periodically

Performing regular maintenance work on your lift is essential to keep the machine functioning properly for many years. When conducting maintenance, follow the planned maintenance procedure outlined by the lift manufacturer. Just as a vehicle recommends repair or replacement of parts at specific intervals (or when they break), the same rule applies to lift components that corrode, wear down, or break.

6. Promote a Culture of Safety in Your Shop

On top of selecting the appropriate lift system for your vehicle service center, create a culture of safety in your facility. Send safety reminders, post service bulletins, and update the skills of your mechanics or technicians to keep your auto shop running safely and smoothly.

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