How to use Social Media to promote your Auto Repair Shop Email Newsletters

Many of us see social media as different platforms that people use to interact with old friends and where teens spend most of their time. Little do we know that while they unwisely spend their time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ we can also use these platforms to silently target the unsuspecting potential clients. This sounds like something Jack the Ripper would've said but it is really something that would benefit both you and your customers.

Social media may be slow when it comes to people actually purchasing something but once you have a good following, it will be easier to push a certain product and or service. When used properly, social media can also be used to properly promote your email marketing.

Here are some tips for promoting your email marketing on social media:

Sharing is Caring

Your readers look to you for guidance and when you send them newsletters, they will read them so it is important to have easily sharable. Your newsletters should always include a prominent 'Share' button that will make sharing this piece a matter of a simple "click."

Auto Repair Shop Marketing Tips

You should also include a "share this" button on the bottom of your emails and make sure to add different platforms. The more platforms you're on, the more you improve the chances of hitting the preferred social network of an eager reader that might be looking to share what he just read with his friends.

Keep it Real

Building relationships with your customers and potential clients is the main component of having a business page on social networks. Just like via email you start to build an intimate connection with people, social networks work better if the reader knows there is a person behind every publication.

Auto Repair Shop Marketing Ideas

In layman's terms, even if it's your business page, don't be afraid to share actual experiences. It will make your message connect deeper with subscribers as well as social networks.

The 80/20 Rule

For those unaware the 80/20 rule is applied to social media and it states that 80% of your posts should be interesting and fun. Fill emails with bits of interesting content but also be funny in order to keep them engaged. Not so funny that they will take the content as a joke but be yourself in your writing. Provide them with useful information as well as tip sharing and advice.

Auto Repair Marketing

The last 20% is the "selling" portion of the article where you use this time to push the product or service you're looking to sell. If you use the whole article to talk about your products or service not only is it sketchy but people don't want to spend their time reading content about a product or service being pushed down their throats. The rule of thumb is the 80/20 rule because the 80% builds your credibility and helps you build a personal connection and with the 20% you subtly seal the deal. The more interesting your content for the 80% is, the easier it will be to sell.

To learn more about targeting your business on social media or about email newsletters, contact JMC Automotive Equipment today. 

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