Features to Consider While Buying Auto Equipment

What to Consider When Buying Automotive Equipment

Purchasing equipment for your automotive shop can be a significant investment. Whether you are starting a new shop or need a replacement for one of your old tools, the product you buy has to last a long time and carry features that will help your shop provide quality services.

You don’t always have to buy the most expensive product in the market to know you’re using high-quality equipment. At JMC Automotive Equipment, we have been providing quality affordable products and smart business advice to help auto shop businesses thrive. Simply pay attention to these features when shopping for equipment.



Brands play an important role in determining quality . Avoid purchasing unknown or generic products on the market. Some smaller companies sell the same products coming from one original equipment manufacturer, which may not always assure you of its quality.

Instead, choose brands well-known for durability and efficiency. You can find online reviews from everyday users, shop owners, and authority sites that attest to the brand’s quality. Popular brands have built an image that they strive to maintain through their products’ quality so that customers know what to expect when they buy their brand.

Take, for example, Baileigh’s automotive products. If you’re looking for sheet metal brakes or pipe benders, you would find online reviews, product descriptions, and other sources that point out its “standard upgrades” as a unique feature. What many brands would sell as extras are already a standard in Baileigh machines. This is a useful feature if you want to get your money’s worth on your purchase.


Pay attention to the special features in similar products and base your decision on features that will benefit your shop. Not all features will fit your shop’s services, space limits, or processes, such as buying a tool chest with wheels even if you plan to keep it stationary. When browsing, take note of your shop’s services and what your space and other factors need, and then use that to pick the best option.

Tool Chest Collection

For example, how would you choose between a cordless drill and power cord drill ? A cordless drill provides more movement for reaching awkward angles and high areas. Its battery is bulkier, but you can use cordless drills with one hand, ideal for handling screws. However, you may need additional batteries. Corded drills are more heavy-duty and are the more powerful choice since it has no voltage limitation. However, your movement may be more restricted and you may require extensions to reach certain areas. Your decision rests on which advantages would best suit your shop’s space limits and services.

Earning the highest possible profit requires tools and equipment worth its value and lasts you for a long time. If the price is not an issue, choose durable equipment with useful features that suit your shop’s size and services.


At JMC Automotive Equipment, we carry high-quality and affordable products. We have helped thousands of repair shops in the United States with our equipment and expert advice, and we’d love to help you grow your business.Ready to shop for quality automotive equipment? Create an account today.