Is Your Car AC Bugging You? Top Car Problems Solutions

Whether you live in a warm or cold area, you want your car AC to be functional. Even more so, if you use your car daily to get to work or run errands, the AC should be in proper condition to warm up or cool down your vehicle seamlessly.

Installing an AC in your car can be costly, but you don’t have to replace your AC if you maintain it properly. Continue reading to learn the most common car AC problems and how to tackle them like a pro.

The AC Makes Noises When On

A nice-running AC is practically silent, so any unusual sounds coming from the unit could indicate a problem, small or big. Most of the time, it could be leaves or debris obstructing the unit, but it could also signal a bigger issue, like a component malfunction.

  • What to do: Take the car to a reliable technician to have it checked. They will tell you whether the issue can be fixed or you’ll need to replace a certain AC component.

There’s No Cold Air Coming from the Vent


The lack of cold AC air can often signal a refrigerant leak. The integral parts of the AC depend on the refrigerant to run as it should.

A leak can happen at any time, and it’s often the result of a piercing in the hoses, the compressor, the condenser, or the connection. It can also be that the evaporator has malfunctioned.

  • What to do: Don’t try to find the issue yourself. Instead, consult with a technician — they will add a fluorescent leak tracer dye and refrigerant to find what’s causing the leak. By using a black light, they’ll find the root of the problem and tend to it.

It Smells Like Mildew in There!

If you notice a stench in your car, think of the AC first before anything else. Bacteria can be found anywhere, even in your AC. Newer cars won’t be dealing with mildew since this issue is prevalent in older cars that haven’t used the AC a lot.

A foul smell can also result from the AC being at the max setting at all times. You may detect mold and fungi on the evaporator.

  • What to do: Get a new air filter and see if the issue is gone. If the not-so-pleasant smell is still there, get your car to a technician so they can add an antibacterial solution into the evaporator to eradicate bacteria.

There’s Water on the Floorboards!

Wet floorboards can indicate a problem caused by condensation and clogged-up drain lines. As bacteria restrict the function of the evaporator coil in the heater box of the AC, it blends with the condensation and generates a gooey layer on the fins of the AC.

Over time, the layers become so dense that they clog up the drain lines entirely, causing drops to form and drip on the floor, typically on the side of the passenger’s seat.

  • What to do: Don’t postpone solving the issue. Visit a car technician ASAP to repair or replace the hose.

The AC Air Goes from Cold to Warm

This issue is probably the result of a malfunctioning expansion valve. In this case, the valve does not distribute the right amount of refrigerant to the evaporator, creating a blockage in the process and freezing the valve.

  • What to do: Pay a visit to a reliable car technician to fully inspect the pressure values of the AC system and look for malfunctions and blockages.

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