CNC Metal Bending Prevents Fabrication Errors & Inefficiency

CNC Roll Bender Promotes Accurate and Efficient Industrial Processes

Curved metal sheets, pipes, and poles are staples in manufacturing, automotive, construction, and other markets that involve industrial processes. While standardized materials are convenient, custom-fitted and measured parts could be better for specific segments of your manufacturing or service line. Bent metal is often one of those customized parts.

When it comes to metal bending, a CNC machine can go a long way to ensuring you stay efficient and keep wasted time and materials at a minimum. The CNC roll benders by Baileigh Industrial, for example, maximize computer integration by increasing bending accuracy.

The Accuracy of Computer Numerically Controlled Machinery

CNC roll benders are ideal for bending metal sheets, pipes, and non-round tubing (e.g., c-channel beams, box channels, u-shaped box channels). They are the preferred tools for shaping metal into pipes and other curved shapes. So, what makes them better than non-CNC variants?

CNC stands for computer numerical control. It enhances the functionality of roll benders, enabling you to produce accurate dimensions in metal fabrications.

Let’s look at metal sheet bending as an example. Although metal sheets are more malleable than metal tubing and non-round tubing (e.g., c-channel beams, box channels, u-shaped box channels), they are still challenging to mold into a particular shape.

Metal sheets are often manipulated into these three: circular, triangular, and elliptical. Bending them to in a circular shape (e.g., to form a pipe) is difficult as it is, but achieving a perfect triangle and elliptical without the aid of roll benders is even more challenging. A triangle requires a smooth, flat side between two curved corners, while an oval has inconsistent curves.

Additionally, it’s difficult to maintain uniform lengths and angles using non-CNC roll benders, much less with all-manual bending techniques. The output could be inconsistent and the quality poor. For instance, you could have edges where there should be smooth curves.

CNC roll benders eliminate inconsistencies and, barring human error, ensure you get accurately-bent metal sheets each time.

CNC Machines Increases Efficiency

Before knowing how CNC machines can increase efficiency in your industrial process, 

have a look at how works a CNC Machine!!!

In manufacturing, accuracy breeds efficiency. CNC roll benders are not yet capable of the rapid, mass production of customized metals, but they still promote efficiency in many ways.

First, CNC roll benders may be operated by one person as they only need little manual work. Operators only have to input the speed settings, set the angle guides, and load and unload the metal sheet or pipe.

Second, they enable your company to keep production going regardless of employee turnovers or shift changes. Many factories tend to depend on the skills of one or two metal bending specialists; when those employees are unavailable, they have no choice but to slow or stop operations for the day. CNC bending machines are relatively easy to operate. When you have one in your factory, you can train as many employees as necessary to ensure that the work will keep going.

Lastly, CNC machines, especially the Baileigh brand, are built to last for decades. They’re not only process- but also cost-efficient. CNC roll benders are a worthwhile investment for companies that foresee a promising future.

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