After Your Third Bike, Your Next Purchase Should Be a Lift

Not many people would think to buy three motorcycles, and if that’s something you would do, or have done, you’re most definitely motorbike enthusiast. After all, there must be a certain passion for the vehicle for you to go and buy three of them! And, as an enthusiast, tinkering with your motorcycle is most likely a part of your life. This, however, is tricky to do without the right gear – which is why your next purchase should be something that will help you work on your beloved machines.

At JMC Automotive Equipment, we have several motorcycle lifts, including the Titan 1000d, and most everything else that a motorcycle enthusiast wants to have. We want you to come to us for any component you may need to make tinkering with your motorcycle a more rewarding experience, and we think it a smart move for you to buy a lift, to take your motorbike hobby to the next level.

JMC Automotive Equipment - Motorcycle lifts

Easier to Repair, Mod, Etc.

If you’re the kind of enthusiast who likes to do things yourself, then Titan 1000d motorcycle lift will be a big money and time saver for you. By now, you know that there are repairs that you can do yourself. Without having to constantly spend on the cost of labor, you’ll be able to buy better parts and personally guarantee the repair. Plus, most enthusiasts take a certain pride and find joy in the DIY approach to their motorbikes.

Installing modifications would be much cheaper too, but you have to be careful in what you add to your motorcycle. It should complement what the bike can do, not just to add weight or anything totally unnecessary.

Furthermore, having your own lift gives you the satisfaction of doing things yourself. Even enthusiasts don’t have that luxury, making it a more valuable acquisition for you than just another addition to your garage. You’ll get to know your bikes up close and care for them, which is only right.

Motorcycle Lifts

For repair garages, rest assured that our motorcycle lifts are also compatible with your shop requirements. We have options in different weight classes, so you can serve all kinds of bike owners.

When you’re ready to have your own motorcycle lift, get in touch. We’d be glad to answer your questions about our products.