8 Safety Tips on Using Mobile Column Lifts

Heavy-duty mobile column lifts are the perfect investment for your garage to help you lift cars while increasing floor space and accommodating more clients. They’re considered one of the most productivity-enhancing equipment in your workshop. However, it can also be one of the most dangerous, if not used properly.

Some common accidents in operating mobile column lifts are falls due to failure to use personal protective equipment, electric shock and blows due to the improper condition of the equipment. Remember to avoid purchasing column lifts that aren’t certified and always check for any damage.

Here are 8 safety tips in using mobile column lifts:

  • Always use certified equipment. Owners should always make sure that their mobile column lifts are certified by the Automotive Lift Institute. Lift testing includes the validation of structural integrity, proper function of the controls and overload protection. A quality mobile lift is one that meets or exceeds safety and performance standards.
  • Proper lift selection. Workers should be aware of the weight of the vehicle that they’re going to lift. Make sure that the lift selected meets or exceeds that capacity. Always measure the clearance height of the workshop before selecting a lift to ensure there’s enough room to raise a vehicle.
  • Set up a safe space. Make sure to operate the lift in a safe environment. Check to confirm that there are no possible hazards. Lift on a strong surface with no drains or manholes to avoid weakening the ground. Check if there are no overhead barriers like lights or pipes.
  • Check the lift for damage. Pieces of machinery wear down over time so it’s important to check for damage that may not be always easy to spot. Pay attention to the joints between each part, the stability of the welds, tractive rollers and adjustable wheel forks.
  • Keep the lift stable. Make sure workers are clear of the vehicle and the wheels are raised properly. Check if the contact points are correctly positioned for in-ground lifts. You can also choose a lift with an electronic synchronization system to make the vehicle lift smoothly even with irregular weight distribution.
  • Maintain technician protection. Lift the vehicle to the proper height to allow technicians to work comfortably under it. Always stay vigilant and check for other workers moving around, changes in the vehicle and its wheels, obstructions in the space above and any tools that may be in the space below.
  • Have a strict maintenance schedule. Make sure all lifts have scheduled maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer and annual inspection by a certified lift inspector.
  • Maintain a safe working environment. Always promote a culture of safety at your shop. Keep safety messages, bulletins and update your technicians’ skills for a smooth-running facility. Make sure only authorized technicians have access to the mobile lifts. Choose a lifting system that prevents prohibited access to the operation.

Safe and Durable Mobile Column Lifts

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