7 Crucial Keys for a Successful Auto Repair Shop | JMC Auto

Owning a successful auto repair shop is no easy feat and although there are no shortcuts to success, entrepreneurs and experts from various fields have given the world insight to creating successful companies. This insight may be applied to any industry and the auto repair shop industry is no exception.

Having a successful shop isn’t just making a lot of money or having lots of clients, it’s following a guideline and personal growth, follow the next 7 tips and you’ll see how progress and prosperity will follow.

Value Attitude Above all Else

We live in a society where an education makes people more qualified than others and although in industries such as health care this might be the case, don’t think a college degree is everything. Automotive technicians are known to be able to work under pressure and are passionate about their jobs. Arm your shop with people that have passion and the rest will come.

Many Hands make Light Work

many hands make light work

As the old chinese proverb says and if you’re surrounded by people with passion, creating a common goal and being a leader will help you achieve said goal quicker. Whether your goal is rapid growth, an effective week or perfect reviews from all of your customers, let your plans be known among your team and you’ll find that their passion under your guidance will help you achieve anything.

Hire People that are “Better than you”

Jack Ma, founder of the Asian giant Alibaba says “your employee should have superior technical skills than you do, if not, you hired the wrong person”. Make sure your employees can all bring something to the table that you can’t. Don’t be intimidated by people having a different set of skill and being better than you at them. Think of everyone as important pieces of the puzzle with your leadership as the first and last piece.

Drive and Perseverance are Contagious

Drive and Perseverance are Contagious

Having a vision that’s clear enough for everyone to see is the key to ensure everyone is working towards the same goal. Be persistent, let your goals be known and not only will your team follow suit but your drive will also be contagious to them. Your success is their success and make sure your team knows that.

Love Life

Money is the goal of too many shop owners and even though money is necessary, it can’t be what drives you. Making life better for yourself and for your employees involves being happier and this becomes true when you begin to love the life you’re living. Do this and not only will you improve the way you think, but this will also transmit to your employees.

Avoid the Pitfall of Enemies

One of the most common aspects in the automotive repair industry is friendly, tough competition. Don’t see your competitors as enemies, instead, see them as people that encourage growth. Every shop might offer similar services but not all think the same way or do business the same way. Why not learn from all of your competitors and gather the good things? It is during adversities that we achieve our potential.

Failure is Giving up

Last but not least, running a repair shop involves being true to your philosophy and even though there will be rough patches, don’t give up and continue to work passionately. Failure is simply giving up, so the important thing to remember is, every experience provides an obstacle and you’re never handed more than you can deal with.