Six Ways a Mobile Column Lift Benefits You

If you are an auto repair shop owner, you know the numerous benefits of mobile column lifts. With the global market for column lifts experiencing an expansion, many shop owners are seeing the need for specialized equipment. The safety of both operators and equipment and an improved working environment is always favored.

Let’s go over the main benefits of mobile column lifts below:


Working under a truck can be very dangerous, which is why mobile column lifts are popular. They are safe to operate and keep your staff out of danger. These lifts also minimize the excessive physical demands on the staff.

Space-saving and flexible

Busy workshops don’t have the luxury of space, so mobile column lifts are an excellent alternative. The column footprint is not big, and the lifts can be used just about anywhere in the shop. You may use them inside or outside the shop and get them out of the way until they are needed again.


Installing traditional lifts will require time and money, as well as several technicians helping each other to operate the lift. Mobile column lifts are easy to install and operate and it can be done by one person. The rest of your staff can do other things.

If you need financial assistance in purchasing a column lift, we can provide financing for your equipment.


The greatest benefit of mobile column lifts is that they can be utilized with a wide vehicle range. The adjustable and easy-to-use forks can be used on a variety of wheel sizes, from light to heavy vehicles.

Easy to Install

Lifts require some serious installation procedures, which take time and energy – not to mention taking up space and needing to be hooked to an electrical system. Because mobile column lifts are not secured to the ground, they are easy to install.

Raises efficiency and productivity

The happiness of the staff matters because it makes them more productive and eager to work. Improving workplace conditions and upgrading and modernizing the equipment will also improve the efficiency of your staff.

JMC Automotive: Top-selling Mobile Column Lifts

There are many mobile column lift benefits that make them our top-selling products.

Easy to install, space-saving, and known to increase the productivity of your staff, column lifts come in different options and with different accessories. JMC Automotive Equipment can show you some bestsellers.

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