6 Tips to Build a Great Website for your Auto Body Shop

Creating a great website is important for many reasons but none more important than brand identity. It is known as the way in which a business wants its consumers to perceive its brands and it is fundamental for any site, especially if you're an auto body shop looking to attract more clients. Now, these tips won't guarantee more visitors if your content is unoriginal and lackluster but it will ensure you stay on top of your competition by building an informative website.


The following 6 tips that this article contains will help you improve the internal pages of your website and turn them into something users will enjoy reading as well as spread the word.

Make Sure your Pages Load Quickly

It is very annoying to have to wait longer than usual for any page to load and I speak for most people when I say that if a site is slow or the pages don't load completely, I will move on to something else. Internet speed is increasing even more so it is a shame that there are still websites that take longer than 10 seconds to load. This might mean eliminating hi-def images or heavy content but in the end it is a small price to pay if you want to attract more customers.

Use Appropriate Colors

Colors are fundamentally one of the most important aspects of your site mainly because each color has a meaning. Take a look at the bigger more popular websites in your industry and you'll see that a lot of them use the same colors on every page. And as we all know, your business might be local but having a website means anyone in the world can see it, so look into the colors you'll be using and make sure they're easy on the eyes.

Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation

Having good content goes hand in hand with proper use of spelling and punctuation. Make sure your website's content is well structured and is easy for people to read. Your site may be impeccable in terms of color, images and navigation but one small spelling mistake can cost you a potential customer very quickly. To some this may be a little unjust or farfetched but we're all judgmental of poor spelling and quality of content.

There is never "Too Much Content"

This might be a little contradictory to previous statements but it is important to know the difference between too much content and poorly distributed text. If you own an auto body shop and wish to thoroughly talk about a specific product, don't hold back just because there is too much text. Instead look for ways to distribute the text wisely and don't be afraid to add a few helpful images that will serve as a little break from the actual reading. Also, make sure they get all the information they're looking for without having to search your entire site.

Go Through Every Link

There is nothing worse than being on a site with broken links and unfortunately there are still many like this. Having broken links pretty much tells the user that the site isn't updated as frequently as it should be which shows very little commitment from the webmaster and or owners. Links can break at any given moment so it is important to go through links as often as possible to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Implement a Call-to-Action

Every website has a contact page or any means of the user getting in touch with your company. But this shouldn't be the only place where we realize people have been on our site. On every page that you talk about a specific product and or service there should be a "call to action" which is usually a widget that is implemented on that page. The call to action's primary role is to give the user the option to leave their name, email (or phone number) and inquiry all in one place. This eliminates the need for the user to have to look for the "Contact Us" page (we get lazy sometimes) and also risk leaving that specific page where they can possibly become interested in another product.

Now, these tips won't promise you more business or traffic (for that you may need to look into SEO or digital marketing tips) but it will help you get a better understanding of what a great website should look like and what to stay clear of. 

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