​5 Ways Facebook Can Attract Customers To Auto Repair Shop

Listen up everyone, 95% of your customers are already on Facebook, so why not take advantage of it.

Facebook Marketing for repair shops

This is a huge market that you should be going after and with so many repair shops around you, you have to make sure you are using the best and most economical ways to attract customers.

So with further ado, here are 5 of the easiest ways to attract more customers to your repair shop.

1. Make sure you are posting at the right times

Time Management

Know your audience. Don’t just post to post, post at the right times.

According to Hubspot, posting content at 3pm will get you the most likes and while posts at 1pm will get you the most shares.

Look through your past posts and see which ones get the most shares, likes and comments and see when you posted them. You will see a pattern of when you get the most engagement.

2. Whenever you post, always use a picture

Whoever said a picture is worth a thousand words wasn’t lying. Whenever you post something make sure to always use a picture to describe what you are talking about.

You will get 2x the amount of likes and 2x the amount of comments.

So ask a questions or tell a joke and add a picture to it and you will see the type of results we are talking about.

3. Make sure your posts are fun

Always be humorous in your post and be yourself.

We found out that the most engaging content is when we post funny content or memes. So make sure to post funny stuff that goes on at your shop, and even show off some of the awesome work you and your mechanics are doing.

If you are a painter, show of some of the awesome design work that you done, or even some before and after pictures of cars that you have painted and what the final outcome is.

Another idea would be to document a project car that you are working on. Some of you may be working on an awesome project car that you are finishing little by little. Make sure to document that once a week with any updates that you are doing, you be surprised how many people you reach around you that also have a project car. They will probably ask you questions and who knows, bring their car to get it fixed as well.

4. Be Human

Most people are afraid to show their true colors, and that’s because they don’t want to show off their weaknesses.

What they don’t realize is those things make us human and more relatable. I know of one mechanic that told his story of how he went to prison for 5 years and was able to learn from his mistakes and once he got out, he opened up his own repair shop and became an excellent welder, husband and father.

Metal artist welds his life back together

I already respected him prior to that story but once he told that story of his past, I respected him even more. I can even say I felt proud to know him because he told a story that I’m sure wasn’t easy to bring forth to the public.

So feel free to let your audience in some of the quirks that go on in your shop and even of yourself. Your audience will get to know you and will want to come to your shop once they trust you.

5. Solve your customer’s problems

Every car will always have a problem so why not share tips to your customers on how they can maintain their car in better shape.

Why you ask??? Because most of the time, your customers won’t even take that step to follow your tips. But they will see that you care enough about your customers to share some tips and when the time comes to get their car fixed, who do you think they are going to call?

Make sure you follow these steps, and let us know if they worked.

Write us below and let us know if you have any other tips that can help bring more customers to our repair shops.