5 Very Simple Auto Marketing Tips for My Repair Shop

When it comes to auto repair shop marketing ideas, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re looking to promote a product or service or are new in town and just want to get word of mouth going, there are dozens of different tips to increase awareness. Here are 5 of our favorite that when done right, are sure to get you more business in no time.

Get to know Rival Repair Shops

Getting to know your competition and talking to fellow shop owners is a great way to emulate what they bring to the table. We don’t mean be the exact same as the repair shop down the street that gets all of the customers but see why they manage to attract so many people. Is it their service? Prices? Whatever it is, learn from them and see how you can improve.

Why not Web Presence?

By now, we probably sound like a broken record but our goal for 2016 is to do our part and increase the number of repair shops with websites. An up and running website for your repair shop can only benefit you in the long run and the end result can be appointments scheduled through your website, calendar updates that tell your customers when it’s time for their next oil change and last but not least, specials you’re running.

Incentives and Freebies

Incentives and Freebies

Let’s face it, as customers first and shop owners second, you have to admit, people love freebies. Whether it’s discounts, free stuff or free services done on their vehicles, people love saving money wherever they can. Why not take advantage of this and offer more incentives to loyal customers that give you their business and bring you their friends when they can? Sure, many do it not to reap the benefits of a free wheel balancing but you should still be grateful for loyal customers.

Take care of your Current Customers

Too many shops are so distracted by the idea of new customers that they don’t pay attention to their current ones. People are sensitive and one bad experience will sometimes drive a customer away. See how your employees interact with customers and work with them on how they may improve. Remember, your customers are the ones that make your shop grow and a happy customer is sure to bring his friends.

Good Employees Help your Shop Grow

Good Employees Help your Shop Grow

As shop owners we’re aware you have to wear multiple hats around the shop. There are many things you have to do to cut corners and save some money but one thing you can’t do is keep an eye on employees at all times. Make sure you see who you work with and how they treat your customers. See how knowledgeable they are and try to steer them in the right direction.

Which of these simple tips have you implemented and how have they worked for you?