5 Reasons Anyone Can Benefit from a Titan MRL-6000 6000-lb. Scissor Lift

The MRL-6000 mid-rise scissor lift by Titan is a lift for the everyman (or woman) automotive enthusiast and DIYer. With a surprisingly robust frame that can withstand up to 6,000 pounds of raw automobile weight and a design that works just as well in your home garage as it does in a professional detailer's shop, you'll be hard pressed to find a better mid-rise scissor style car lift. Here's our top 6 reasons just about anyone with a workspace can benefit from the Titan MRL-6000 6,000-lb. Scissor Lift.

Titan MRL-6000 6,000-lb. Scissor Lift

1. Holy cow, it's an actual lift.

We all dream about it, but not many people are lucky enough to own a shop or garage that can accommodate a full-sized four-post or two-post car lift. That's why many hardcore car fanatics end up settling with ramps and jack stands for occasional maintenance even though they would rather get down and dirty with a real car lift. But for the space-strapped, there's hope in the space-efficient Titan MRL-6000. Actually, we take that back. The Titan MRL-6000 scissor car lift represents more than just hope. It's pure bliss. Especially if you're tired of performing vehicle service on your back. At full height, the Titan mid-rise scissor lift comes to comfortable height of 60 inches. Work or pleasure? Why not both.

2. It's really well built.

If you're going to trust your automotive baby (or your customers' collective automotive babies) to a car lift, you don't want to take any chances. Good thing for you, them and the pavement, the Titan MRL-6000 is incredibly well built with every bit of thought and engineering that goes into professional heavy-duty lifts. The free-standing Titan mid-rise scissor lift is forged out of solid steel and is unyielding and durable. It is lifted and lowered with the strength of two 3-inch hydraulic cylinders and a 100-Volt power unit. Size-wise, the MRL-6000 scissor lift by Titan is 102 inches long by 40 inches wide--a great size for those who want to be able to lift the heavy stuff but not sacrifice too much floor space in their shop or garage. And much like Titan's other lifts, the MRL-6000 is fully outfitted with extras, like height adapters, to give you even more versatility.

3. It gets around.

Here's something the Titan MRL-6000 mid-rise scissor lift has that even the biggest, baddest two-post or four-post garage lift could never beat--this scissor lift is portable. The 100-Volt power unit is securely mounted on a wheeled dolly. And on the front lift of that dolly is a peg that engages with the lift frame. That gives you the freedom to easily maneuver the mid-rise scissor lift around your work area when you need it and gives it a graceful exit when you don't. Now, to be clear, if you need to get the Titan MRL-6000 car lift down some windy maze-like hallways, you're going to have a rough go of it. And don't think you can throw it in the trunk of a sedan and take it on a cross-country road trip. Not happening. But for basic setup, teardown and positioning, you can't beat the portability of this Titan car lift.

4. It's upgradeable.

Wrenching, repairing and servicing your average consumer vehicle is all fine and good. But what if you need to use your Titan MRL-6000 auto lift on something a little more...exotic. Well, Titan's still got you covered with a set of 4 extra long optional lifting arms that fit your Titan MRL-6000 like they were made for each other. Probably because they were. Replace the standard 18-inch long arms with ones that go an additional 8 inches for a total length of 26.75 inches on each side. And those adapters that came with the original Titan MRL-6000 lifting arms? They'll still work perfectly. Now that those wider frame vehicles are totally manageable, it's never been easier to lift them up for a fast round of wheel service, maintenance or detailing. Learn more about the Long Arms for Titan MRL-6000 Mid-Rise Scissor Lift.

5. It's whisper thin.

Bigger isn't always better and the MRL-6000 Titan Scissor Lift proves that every time. With its incredible 5.5-inch thick (or should we say thin?) low profile frame, the MRL-6000 scissor lift by Titan is designed so that even some lowered vehicles can drive over it with no problem whatsoever. That means in most cases, you could probably leave this mid-rise scissor lift flat in the center of your garage floor and drive in and out like it wasn't there. Why put your toys away if they never get in your way. But let's say you're looking for a sleeker, more professional look. Not a problem. Many happy MRL-6000 users opt to cut out a recess in their garage floor and set the Titan scissor lift inside for a flush, ultra tidy lifting solution. We've even heard of some customers using the MRL-6000 Titan Mid-Rise Scissor lift as a centrally located work table that they can raise or lower for all sorts of projects.

6. It makes incredible breakfasts.

Some weekends it'll just decide to cook you up the most amazing Denver omelet you've ever tasted. Okay, maybe not. We did only promise FIVE reasons after all.