3 Equipment Must-Haves for Truck Repair and Maintenance

Truck mechanics and diesel technicians are in high demand across America, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. And the industry is growing. The American Trucking Association says that the industry will need around 200,000 mechanics within the next 10 years to meet the high demand for truck maintenance.

If you’re already in the automotive repair industry, heavy truck repair and maintenance is a profitable market worth entering. There are no state or federal laws that require you to have formal training to become a heavy-duty mechanic, although completing certification courses from the Advanced Technology Institute does help you attract more customers.

Other than getting certified, you’ll also need to equip your auto shop with repair tools appropriate for heavy trucks. Below are three truck repair equipment every diesel mechanic should have:

Mobile Column Lift

Mobile column vehicle lifts

Mobile column vehicle lifts are a must-have for diesel repair shops. This type of lift has either four or six independent columns, and each one has adjustable wheel forks to accommodate various wheel sizes.

You can also adjust the height of the columns and their distance from each other to lift bigger vehicles, such as buses or dump trucks. The maneuverability of mobile column lifts makes them the better option for lifting heavy trucks compared to traditional 4-post car lifts which are secured to the floor.

Another great thing about mobile column lifts is their space-saving design. You can store the columns when not in use to free up space in your workshop, which is always needed when you’re working with large vehicles.

Truck Wheel Balancer

Truck Wheel Balancer

Generally, wheels and tires are never the exact same weight all around, so they’re bound to have a slight variance that affects the vehicle's drivability. For trucks carrying heavy loads and driving at high speeds, this imbalance can become dangerous because it makes the wheels vibrate and difficult to control.

You need a wheel balancer to make truck tires perfectly centered, minimizing the vibrations felt in the seat and steering wheel. Balancing truck tires also helps improve fuel economy, increase tire life, decrease driver fatigue, and make the vehicle safer to operate.

Dynamic balancers are the common choice for truck tires. Dynamic balancing considers the tire assembly in two planes, unlike static balancing (which only balances one plane) to make sure that no part of the tire is heavier than the other.

Heavy-Duty Truck Scanner

This truck diagnostic tool makes it easier for you to spot complications in a heavy-duty vehicle. These scanners use a simple interface that shows the problem in the different systems of the truck, including the transmission, engine, brakes, battery, ECU/BCU, and even airbags.

You can choose from basic and advanced truck scan tools. The basic scanners are focused on reading and trouble codes generated by the engine whereas the more advanced models tell you whether the parts can still be repaired or if they need to be replaced already.

You need several other pieces of equipment to run a highly productive diesel repair shop, although you can start with these three then just invest in more machinery as your business grows. Make sure to purchase your automotive repair equipment from reputable manufacturers to guarantee their performance and durability.

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