7 Popular tips to Increase Productivity at your Auto Shop

As auto shop owners we're always looking for cost effective ways to increase productivity. Coming up with these methods however can be arduous with day to day business demands and long work hours. That is why here at JMC Automotive Equipment we've come up with a short list of things you can do on a day to day basis that will help you and your employees become more efficient. You'll accomplish more than you had before and you'll wonder why you hadn't thought of an improvement plan sooner. So without further ado, here are 7popular tips to increase productivity at your auto shop.

1 .  Over-Communicate

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#1 might seem to be a given but you'll be surprised how many orders are mixed up or delayed due to poor communication at your shop and the worst part is, your impatient customers are the ones getting affected. Communication is a purposeful activity that none of us can do without so staying in the loop with your technicians and staff during all sales and repairs is pivotal. Talk to your crew often and be sure the lines of communication are open and clear enough so all parties understand.

2.   Create Lists

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Just because you keep track of what everyone is doing doesn't mean you're the gestapo, it just means you want to make sure everything is running smoothly and customers can be dispatched in an effective manner. Be sure to have a list of repairs to help schedule technicians when and where needed. You might also want to plan ahead for busy times of the year.

3.   Become a Better Planner

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Planning and communication go hand in hand as important parts of increasing productivity. Plan your staffing weeks ahead of time and this will give you breathing room. If a plan is not working the way it should, you always have time to update the plan and see what works best for you and your crew.

4.   Do not Fear Technology

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Many of us are baffled by recent trends such as social media and perhaps even the internet but just remember that technology is here to make our lives easier, not harder. Have someone help you find tools and computer systems that will improve your shop. Update your auto repair shop software or tire management software. Not only will this make your job as an owner a lot easier but it will also let your customers know your company uses the latest technology.

5 .  Hire Good People, Make Great Employees with Training

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Take the time to interview more lots and lots of people. You always want to have a database of people that have sent in their C.V so you won't have to settle for someone who you don't fully love for the job. Once you do land people you deem will be superstars, you can create a great team by properly training your employees. Train them on both the policies and the operation of important tools and machinery. Everyone should know a little of everything at your shop.

6 .  Entrust Responsibilities to Others

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Owning a big shop or even a small rather busy shop makes it all but impossible to be in everything at once. That is why you're definitely going to need help and help is what you will get if you delegate responsibilities to someone you trust. Allow this person to take some of the load of your back with the operational part of your company while you handle more of the executive part.

7.  Set Deadlines

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Setting deadlines is another very important thing all auto shop owners can do to increase productivity. Set flexible deadlines where you create time limits on different types of repairs.

Following these tips is a good way to begin seeing results in your shop. To learn more about increasing productivity in your auto shop or social media tips be sure to visit our blog. 

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