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Baileigh Plasma Table, Laser Table, Jig and Lift Table, and Downdraft Table

Laser and plasma tables are essential for procedures that require swift cutting, marking, and engraving. The steel plate construction of our machines, in fact, makes them a reliable tool for producing smooth finishes, fine details, and accurate results. Trust JMC Equipment’s Baileigh plasma and laser tables to ensure excellent cut quality at your facility.

Effective Commercial Cutting Tools

Our CNC laser tables and plasma tables serve various purposes. Auto service shops and facilities use them to cut through metal plates, sheet metal, pipes, straps, and bolts effectively. Furthermore, they remove defective welds and back-gouging weld joints and are versatile enough to produce precise edge quality in metal fabrication.

Our laser cutting tools can be to cut metal plates and create intricate patterns and small holes for various types of cars, as well. This makes them one of the most widely used machines in the automotive sectors.

Manufacturing Automotive Sheet Metal Components

The latest technology in CNC laser tables and laser cutting have made it easier for shops to produce lightweight and high-strength steels for cars. Some of these components include A- and B-pillars and dashboard structures.

Meet the demand for high output and efficiency at your auto shop with our laser cutters and plasma tables. They perform a consistent and efficient cutting process to meet the ever-increasing demand for automotive sheet metal components.

A Trusted Distributor of CNC Plasma Tables

We source our products from Baileigh Industrial, an international distributor of quality metal machinery. our CNC plasma tables feature a user-friendly design software so users can run jobs easily on their computer. Furthermore, they come with durable welded-steel frameworks.

Count on our equipment for a one-year parts warranty.

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Baileigh CNC Plasma and Laser Tables

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