Backyard Buddy 7,000 Lbs Workforce Over-Height Four Post Lift

Backyard Buddy
7000# Workforce Lift
7,000 Lbs

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Backyard Buddy 7,000 Lbs Workforce Over-Height Four Post Lift 

The 7,000 LB Workforce Lift

84 inches under the platform

Backyard Buddy also offers a special 7,000 LB Series Workforce lift with an extra tall 84" underneath the deck. It's over a foot wider for extra stability, almost four feet longer and will handle most trucks and large SUVs. This special application lift accepts all of the standard Backyard Buddy accessories. With a full 7 feet of platform clearance, this lift is perfect for shelving storage applications. You must have extra ceiling clearance for this lift.


  • Made from rugged, American made, structural 4 x 4" steel tubing.
  • No need for bolt holes in foot pads. Backyard Buddy lifts are completely free standing.
  • No need for anti-spreading bolt on top as there is no chance of the square tubing legs spreading.
  • Box steel leg surrounded by an exterior steel sleeve ensures positive contact and does not create an opportunity for legs to fail under the weight of your vehicle. Locking tabs are trapped by the sleeve and can't disengage the slot.
  • No chance for leg to spread open.
  • We use only UHMV for our slides. They are very tough and long lasting and don't need lubrication. There are four 12" long guides per corner sleeve.
  • Our runways are built with an angle iron superstructure with the tread plate welded on top.
  • Welded flat stock ties the sides together under the runway surface adding an additional level of support and integrity to the lift.
  • In-house engineering and structural analysis results show exactly how our construction methods improve the integrity and performance of our lift's runway system by exhibiting zero deflection with structural steel as weight is applied.
  • Quick disconnect fitting allows hydraulic hose to swivel preventing kinks.
  • Built-in flow restriction means that the lift will maintain position even in the event of a problem with the hose.
  • We don't cut corners when it comes to your safety and the protection of you vehicle and property.
  • 10 positive locking positions are cut into the 4 x 4" structural steel tubing legs. The engagement area is much larger than with the small welded on tabs. Our locks cannot disengage until you raise the lift slightly to release the weight on the locking tabs.
  • There is virtually no lateral movement (sway) because of the large, 12" long, UHMV slides (x4) inside each corner of the sleeve riding on each post. This design gives our lifts the rigidity necessary to be safe when not bolted to the floor (free-standing)
  • Our stop points are slots machined out of the heavy 4x4" steel corner posts. With the weight of the lift resting on the locks trapping them in the slot, they cannot slip out.
  • Our lock linkage uses 3/8 steel rod and precision rod ends to ensure positive locking - no bowing.

Lift dimensions:

  • Overall length: 16'-9" (outside of corner posts)
  • Overall height: 8'-6 1/2" (floor to top of corner posts)
  • Overall width: 9'-9 1/2" (outside of corner posts)
  • Outside to outside of ramps: 6'-6", ramp width: 19-1/2"
  • Maximum clearance under ramp: 84"


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