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Access Tools ECOS European Car Opening Set (Special Order)

The new European Car Opening kit was designed with European vehicles in mind. These high quality kits are ideal for Breakdown companies, locksmiths, garages or for anyone needing to gain access into a vehicle without keys. The ECOS kit has a carefully selected range of equipment that will best suit your needs on the greatest range of vehicles. There is an excellent access smart tool that illuminates the inside of the vehicle through the windscreen, a quick training manual and DVD is also supplied. All the above is supplied in a heavy duty carry case to keep everything protected and stored together.


  • Designed for vehicles in European countries that have different features and functionality than those found in the U.S.
  • Includes Top Selling Accessories


  • Heavy Duty 48" Carrying Case
  • One Hand Jack
  • Air Jack air wedge
  • Glassman Wedge
  • Wonder Shield
  • Multi Tip Max Long Reach
  • Mega Master
  • Access Smart Light
  • Quick Instructional Manual & DVD





Lifetime Warranty
In-The-Door Stainless Steel Tools
Stainless Steel Long Reach Tools & Accessories  

90-Day Warranty

All Other Tools 

The Fine Print: 

What is covered by the 90-Day Warranty? 
Manufacturing defects only. 
What is covered by the Lifetime Warranty? 
Manufacturing defects to the Stainless Steel portion of the product. The tools handle, tip(s), protective coating/shielding, inner wire, and/or any other portion of the tool other than the Stainless Steel rod are not covered by this Lifetime Warranty. Those aforementioned components of the tool not covered by the Lifetime Warranty would be covered by the 90-Day Warranty detailed above. 
What is not covered by any warranty? 
Accidental damage, general wear and tear, and lost or stolen tools. 
What is an In-The-Door Steel Tool? 
Any tool that is a component of a Complete Set**, made from steel, with the purpose of opening a vehicle from inside the door panel. 
How many In-The-Door tools can I replace? 
Up to 3 replacement In-The-Door tools in any 90-day period.
Am I eligible to have my In-The-Door tool replaced under warranty? 
Your Complete Set must be the most current version available, or a previously purchased Complete Set that has been continuously updated each year with an Access Tools Annual Update Set. 
Is there any cost to replace the In-The-Door tools? 
There is no charge for the tool, just for the shipping and handling. 
How to process any warranty claim: Call 800-562-4791 to speak with a representative to arrange for your warranty claim. Do not send any tools without having called to receive your Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from a representative. 
* Access Tools reserves the right to repair or replace, with an equivalent tool, any warranty tool. 
* Warranty Term begins from original date of purchase.
*Subject to change at any time.