Mahle CTJ-2200 - 2,200 lb. Commercial Vehicle Transmission Jack


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Mahle CTJ-2200 - 2,200 lb. Commercial Vehicle Transmission Jack

The ShopPRO CTJ-2200 has been continually manufactured since the 1970's and has become the industry's most desired choice for truck component installation and removal.


  • Heavy duty casters stand up to rigorous shop use.
  • Large head plate accommodates a variety of different sized components.
  • Our transmission and component lifts save time and provide maximum safety for any technician.
  • Forward, rear, and side tilt adjustments.
  • Four adjustable quick ratcheting brackets.
  • Manual/Hydraulic powered.


 Capacity  2,206 lb (1,001 kg)
 Minimum Start Height  8 in (20 cm)
 Maximum Lift Height  34 in (86 cm)
 Power  Manual/Hydraulic or Air/Hydraulic
 Required Air Pressure   90 to 200 psi (6.2 to 13.8 bar)
 Power (Ram) Travel  26 in (66 cm)
 Head Plate Dimension  11.5 in x 17 in (29 cm x 43 cm)
 Tilt (Forward / Rear / Side to Side)  10°
 Dimensions (W x L)  28.3 in x 44.5 in (72 cm x 113 cm)
 Handle Length  24.3 in (62 cm)
 Caster Diameter  4 in (10 cm)
 Shipping Weight  305 lb (138 kg)



Operation Manual

Warranty Policy

For Workshop units = It is 1 year for parts and labor.

For ShopPro (lifts and jacks) = lifetime warranty from defective materials and workmanship. Other than that 1 year as far as wearable parts go.

For Parts = It is 90 days.

It is important to always evaluate with Tech Support about every warranty issue. For that, call 800-562-4791 for getting help.