Auto Twirler At-Mc Mustang Cart

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Auto Twirler AT-MC Mustang Cart

Want to move around your Mustang or Cougar uni-body with ease and not break the bank?Check out our Mustang Cart. For a more


  • Adjustable version check out Body Cart Elite.
  • It comes standard with four (4) 8” polyurethane over cast iron casters, rated at 1,250 lbs each.The cart is rated at 2,000 lbs with either
  • the 8” cast iron wheels.
  • The cart is fixed height putting the rocker set 23” high.
  • The front posts sit in the lower A arm socket. You can bolt them in front to back, but the body will sit there without bolting if you want.
  • The front is adjustable in width.The rear posts will line up with the front leaf spring perch and you can bolt sideways thru the frame rail.
  • There is a connecting tube front to back on this cart.


  • Weight Limit 2,000 lbs rating
  • Fixed Height 24”
  • Casters Four (4) – 8” Polyurethane over cast iron casters rated at 1,250 lbs each, includes 2 caster locks
  • Storage 12” x 48” x 22”


1 year Limited Warranty

Every AutoTwirler has a 1 year warranty on the jacks and casters and a 1 year warranty on steel components against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.


This warranty does not cover mis-use, not following instructions, or items that have been altered in any way.Replacement items are available, at a cost, if needed.

Non Transferable

This warranty is not transferable and must have proof of purchase.

Registering Product

If you purchased your unit thru a JMC Equipment, we highly recommend that you register your product with Auto Twirler by mailing, emailing, or faxing your receipt with your name, address phone and date of purchase.