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Auto Meter 200DTK Tester/Computer Adapter Kit Containing Bct-200J, A24J, Ac-27, Ac-32, Ac-65, Ac10

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Auto Meter 200DTK Tester/Computer Adapter Kit Containing Bct-200J, A24J, Ac-27, Ac-32, Ac-65, Ac10

The BCT-200J utilizes AutoMeter's advanced preventative maintenance testing mode to quickly check the battery and starting/charging system for any failures, saving time and money. Designed and optimized for deep cycle and starting batteries, flooded and AGM. DIN Connector serial port communication. 

Designed for the heavy-duty industry where accuracy is extremely important. Advanced DPL Technology is used for battery testing, including a battery bank test, to shorten the battery test procedure. Firmware includes AutoMeter's innovative automated-voltage drop test and J1708 information retrieval. This tester stores the last 120 tests which can be retrieved on its LCD display, printed to the optional infrared printer, or downloaded to a personal computer with the AC-10 PC adapter 


  • The BCT-200J can perform a preventative maintenance test on the truck or tractor's electrical system to identify problems in a two-minute procedure. This feature will significantly cut down the preventative maintenance time on fleets, helping you diagnose
  • The BCT-200J will test both the starter and the alternator showing the results of alternator amperage output, charging voltage, ripple amount and starter current draw. Diagnosing electrical issues fast and easy is the reason why this product is a must hav
  • Will quickly and accurately test the vehicle's set of batteries, up to 4 at a time. It also tests single batteries with the same great speed and accuracy you have come to expect from any AutoMeter Test product.
  • Will perform voltage drop tests on the starting, charging, magnetic switch, and lift-gate and stinger cable circuits per TMC's RP129 recommended practices. Another advantage is that you can test wire integrity with simple easy to read menus.
  • Tests flooded and AGM batteries and starting/charging circuits.
  • Compatible with 24v charging and starting systems.
  • Includes battery bank test, which will test up to four batteries at one time.
  • Advanced Digital Pulse Load (DPL) technology - patented test process and algorithm allowing operators of this product to rapidly measure a battery’s ability to provide adequate cranking power necessary to start the vehicle without the need for time consum
  • V-Drop Technology – this unique AutoMeter feature utilizes a patented process to automate the measurement of voltage drop in the charging circuit during starter engagement to ensure vehicle systems are operating at peak performance. This test occurs with
  • 200DTK kit includes BCT-200J, AC-24J, PR-10, AC-27, AC-32, AC-35, and quick reference wall chart
  • KIT
  • BCT-200J Intelli-Check II Tester
  • AC24J Plastic Carrying Case
  • AC10 PC Connection Cable
  • AC-27 Alternator Adaptors
  • AC-32 USB to RS-232 Adapter
  • AC-35 PC Application Program