RakJak RJPIV Pivoting JakPad

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RakJak RJPIV Pivoting JakPad

pad that is less than
an inch in height is permanently
installed first and will reduce the
overall collapsed height to 4 7

/8 inch on the
DBT2. The modified standard size DBT2 jack
pad nests around the permanently installed
pad. The self-aligning pad nests in the same
manner. These pads are interchangeable
in seconds without tools to save time and
offer the flexibility of a variety of jack pad
heights and styles.
The pivoting and self-aligning
jack pad distributes the load evenly from
end to end on its 12-inch wide platform. The pivoting action will adjust as the
vehicle is being lifted. This pivoting action continuously distributes the load. Its
large rubber pad protects the lifting surface and helps stabilize the load.



  • WEIGHT 5.7 lbs
  • DIMENSIONS 4.75 x 14.25 x 2.375 in