AMH Compuspot 160 Steel Dent Repair Station


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AMH Compuspot 160 Steel Dent Repair Station

This multifunctional service center is a mobile workbench specially designed to provide a clean and productive workplace for the CompuSpot 160 operator.

The workbench centralizes all the operator's tools and utilities:

  • 220V & 380V electrical outlets.
  • Compressed air outlets.
  • Front and side perforated panels for tool storage.
  • Welding gun & Cable supports.
  • Sliding drawer & storage shelves.
  • Scratch resistant table top coating.

Technical Specifications

CompuSpot 160 Specifications

 Input Voltage 208-240V (Single-Phase) 380-415V (Single-Phase)
 Fuse or Breaker 20A 30A
 Frequency 50/60Hz
 Maximum Welding Current 3,500A
 Open Circuit Voltage 10V
 Input Cable 2m (6,5ft)
 Weight 48 lbs (22Kg)
 Dimensions of the CPS160 (L x I x h) 11 x 11 x 9 in (280 x 280 x 229mm)


Workbench Specifications

 Dimensions of the workbench (Lx 1 x h)  21 x 19 x 73 in. ( 521 x 470 x 1854mm)
 Approximate shipping weight  170 lbs (77kg)


Spec Sheet