Zinko ZJJ-1513 15 Ton 5" Stroke Journal Mechanical Jack

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Zinko ZJJ-1513 15 Ton 5" Stroke Journal Mechanical Jack

15 Ton Steel Mechanical Journal Jack, 5 inch stoke
Minimum Height 10 inches.
Beveled ring gear interlocks with the precision forged pinion to provide shifted tooth actuation. Extremely strong, precise interlocking gears


  1. Unique ratcheting handle shaft design with nickel-chrome constructed wheel and plunger enables user to obtain powerful worry free pinion rotation, allowing for an easy and smooth operation.
  2. Buttress threads will not creep down under load.
  3. Operable vertically or laterally (lateral movement requires optional traversing bed).
  4. Unique ring gear bearing allows extremely long life and smooth rotational advance.
  5. Rigid lifting screw is made from Chrome-molybdenum steel to withstand excessive loads.
  6. Weight: 35 Lbs.
  7. Country of Origin: Japan


Capacity (ton) 15
Operation Force (Ft. / lb.) 310
Min. Height (in) 10"
Max. Height (in) 15"
Cap Diameter (in) 2-3/8"
Base Diameter (in) 4-1/2"