EMAX 7.5HP 3 Phase Rotary Screw Swing Arm Package with 30CFM Dryer & 120 Gallon Horizontal Tank - Matte Black with Auto Drain & Hydraulic Hose

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EMAX 7.5HP 3 Phase Rotary Screw Swing Arm Package with 30CFM Dryer & 120 Gallon Horizontal Tank - Matte Black with Auto Drain & Hydraulic Hose

Each and every one of our rotary screw air compressors is built to exacting standards, to provide years of dependable service, under demanding conditions. And because we use only high-quality OEM components, we offer a full ten year warranty, on all of our rotary screw air compressors.

This 7.5 HP rotary screw air compressor offers a lot of functionality including a PLC that allows easy and intuitive scheduling and operation of the compressor. Paired with EMAX’s world-class customer support, after the sale, we’re certain this air compressor will meet your compressed air needs now and for years to come.


  • Three Phase Power = 208/230/460V Three phase, variable speed drive capability
  • Drive-Tek™ Design = Reduces energy demand up to 33%
  • Standard Y-Delta Soft Start Motor = Provides reduced energy demand and amp draw on start up
  • Spin-Tek™ Design = Unique easy access oil filters & air/oil separators, Requires no tools to remove/install saving time and money
  • Precision Engineered Rotary Air End = Highly efficient design provides maximum discharge
  • Heavy Duty Sound Attenuated Cabinet = Provides lower decibel operation than a typical rotary screw
  • Designed For Use With Stationary Air Receiver
  • The Airend is the most important part of your compressor,, our airends manufactured in Germany and Finland are good for 70,000 running hours as long as the unit is maintenance routinely and the correct oil is used.
  • EMAX Compressor Gives you a 10 year warranty on all their airends!
  • Emax uses only low 1750 RPM motors. We have chosen motors that come with the best certificates and quality assurances so we know that you are getting the best as well!
  • We use High Efficiency motors constructed with superior materials, higher service factors, longer bearing lives, lower waste- heat output and less vibration.
  • We also pass the motor warranty on to you for a full 5 year on single phase and a full 10 year on 3 phase!
  • Save 25-70% on energy by using motor controls or variable frequency drives. Our entire rotary screw line has the ability to have variable frequency drives installed in them.
  • We use Schneider Altivar71 Brand drives that carry a 5 year warranty. Schneider Electric has been around since 1981.
  • The whole ides of energy savings with this unit is to lower the cycles, the lower the amp draw coming from your electric motor.
  • The electricity amp draw that an electric motor is using determines what your electric bill is, so the lower the amp draw the lower your bill will be!
  • These units comes mounted on a 120 gallon Horizontal painted receiving tank equipped with auto drain, hydraulic hoses and fittings.
  • These tanks are made in the USA and have ring based design to prevent cracking, Standard NPT ports, ASME, NBBI, & CRN approvals, they are rated up to 450 degrees F, and they are coated with anti-corrosive/ rust prevention blended steel to increase the tanks life.
  • Patented Swingarm Feature makes for easy maintenance on your rotary screw. It makes your entire system compact and takes up less floor space.
  • This system is everything you need to run clean air in your shop!

These rotarys are controlled by a user friendly Logika PLC (Programmable Logic Controller):

  • Variable Speed ready to Control the speed of the motor
  • Adjust Pressure – to what pressure range you need. This can be set by the customer, this unit has a shutdown in case the unit goes over pressure. the unit has a maximum pressure setting – the computer will sense that it is going over pressure and will shut down.
  • Low Oil Shutdown – if the controller senses that the unit is going into high temperature it will shut it down. It will also shut down if the compressor runs low on oil.
  • Reverse Fault – the controller will control when the unit is wired up if it is running backwards, it will sense a reverse rotation fault and shut the unit down
  • High Voltage Fault – if the voltage is 15% over the power supply voltage rated on the EMAX compressor data plate, the unit will shut down. Also if the voltage is 15% under it will shut is down as well.
  • Over AMP Shut down – if the motor is pulling to many amps it will shut down. You can check the amp draw of the electric motor as it is running and also on the exhaust fan motor
  • Clock and Date – Built in Clock and Date to help keep track of preventative maintenance services.
  • Light – Has a built in light for dark locations.
  • Parameters- has a maintenance parameter system to create and maintain the parameter and control information.
  • Hour meter – Built in hour meter to keep track of the running hour on the machine.
  • Fault History -The PLC stores history if the unit shuts down, information on why it shut down is stored
  • Maintenance Service – Keeps track of when to change the air filter, oil filter and the coalescing filter along with the unit needs greased. When they need changed the PLC will sound an alarm. After changing you simply reset that filter back to zero and start the maintenance tracker again.
  • Air Differential Control- with differential control you have a wide range of pressure settings. You can take the kick-in pressure all the way down to 100 PSI and all the way up to 145 PSI. You can adjust this range anywhere in between. You can also set the high end down to a lower pressure where ever the customer unit pressure is desired. The Emax Compressor is factory set at 120 kick in and 145 kick out. The lower the pressure the higher CFM and the more hours you will get on your screw compressor, so keep the pressure as low as possible.
  • Built in Timer -will sense when the unit is not being used for a period of 20 minutes under no load, this will shut down the machine automatically so it will restart as air pressure goes down to the kick- in set point.
  • On- line demand – this setting is made for high volume and will bypass the automatic kick-off mode. It allows the unit to keep running on continuous run mode for high air demand.
  • Warranty – These PLC’s carry a 5 year warranty
  • Daily / weekly Schedule – This unit can be programmed to start in the morning, can shuts its self at lunch if needed and can turn itself in the even as well, or when ever needed.
  • Self Start – if the power is lost this unit will automatically restart itself, this eliminates a maintenance crew to have to restart after the shut down.
  • Master Slave – this controller can switch from one unit to the other and maintain the same use of hours, it can adjust the pressure to be the lead or the lag unit.


 CFM @ 100 PSI  29
 Max PSI  145
 Pump Model  Rotocomp -EVO02
 Dimensions LxWxH  71 x 27 x 70
 Motor RPM  1750
 Motor Phase  Three
 Voltage available  208/230/460
 Tank Size  120 Gallon
 Tank orientation  Horizontal
 Tank Outlet Size  3/4"
 Tank Drain  Timed Automatic
 Certifications  UL,CSA, ASME
 Warranty  10 Year Airend, 5 Year Motor, 5 Year Parts
 Running AMP  18 AMP @ 208/230 VOLT - 9 AMP @ 460 VOLT
 Recommended Breaker  30 AMP @ 208/230- 15 AMP @ 460 VOLT
 Product Source  America, Germany, Italy - NO China!
 Drive Type  Belt Driven
 Dryer CFM  30 CFM
 Dryer Drain  Built in timed automatic
 Dryer Filtration  Built in coalescing


EMAX Piston Manual

Air Compressor Pumps Operating Instruction

EC10 – TB100 BD




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