Chicago Pneumatic QRS 7.5 Tank Mounted Screw Compressor

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QRS 7.5 TM
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Chicago Pneumatic QRS 7.5 Tank Mounted Screw Compressor

Oil-injected Screw Compressors

The CP QRS 3-20M is the ultimate workshop compressor: powerful, easy to use and always reliable. Thanks to its rotary screw technology, you get more air while enjoying lower energy costs. Better yet, you can use it all day long without cool-down periods, and you can tailor the QRS to your specifications and preferences. We have a 3-20 HP range, both base and  tank-mounted models, and a range of options to custom-build your QRS.

Advanced screw air end The QRS 3-10M comes with a new high-efficiency air end that delivers 15% more air and is 12% more efficient than its predecessor. IE3 efficiency motor allows for continuous operation while reducing energy costs. Refrigerant dryer can be added to your QRS for dry, quality air.

Super-silent canopy reduces sound emissions to a comfortable 61-68 dB(A). Line filters can be added for high-quality air. Oil heater prevents intermittent-use condensation by maintaining a constant oil temperature while unloading/idle. Tropical thermostat Maintains a higher oil temperature to reduce the risk of condensation.

Phase options:

  • Single phase, 230 TEFC motor (3 - 7.5)
  • 3-phase, 208-230/460V and 575V, TEFC Motor (3 - 20M)


  • An All-In-One Solution
  • Built to Last
  • Comfortably Quiet 
  • Cost-Effective to Buy and Own
  • Lower Operational Costs
  • Lower Energy Use and Costs
  • Lower Investment Costs
  • Removable Panel for Easy Service.
  • Get 15% More Air Using 12% Less Energy Compared to Its Predecessor.
  • Enjoy Continuous Use without Cool-Down Periods
  • Start/stop operation (QRS 3 - 7.5 HP, 3-phase)
  • Load/no-load operation with timed shutdown (QRS 5.0 - 7.5 HP, single phase)
  • Super-silent canopy 
  • Low sound enclosure
  • 150 psig standard
  • Continuous operating capability
  • UL, cUL and CSA approved control panel
  • Spin-on oil filter and separator
  • NEMA 1 electrical protection
  • Vibration isolated assembly
  • Low-loss timer drain Removes tank condensate.
  • 60 gal. ASME/CRN receiver tank (3-10M) for extra air storage and reduces the risk of condensation.


Model Max. Working Pressure
Free Air Delivery
@ Reference Conditions*
Motor Power
Noise Level **
QRS3 116
3 61
QRS5.5 116
5.5 62
QRS7.5 116
7.5 66
QRS10M 116
10 68
QRS10 125
10 65
QRS15 125
15 69
QRSM20 125
20 71

* Unit performance measured according to ISO1217, Annex C, latest edition
** Noise level measured according to ISO2151 2004.
For weight and dimensions check specs sheet, page 7.



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