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A Wheel balancer is very important in making sure that wheels are at their prime condition. The wheel is an innovation made up of rubber and metal. Its invention is one of the most important events in human civilization. Wheels have contributed a lot to make our lives easier and better and as a distributor of wheel balancers, we make it a priority to ensure that our products pass production standards and that is why we offer nothing but the best manufacturing brands of wheel balancers. Our roster of manufacturing brands is well known for its commendable reputation. These brands have established themselves through reliability, quality and great customer service. We offer a complete line up of wheel balancers which include Diagnostic wheel balancers, Premium wheel balancers, Mid-range and Specialty wheel balancers. Hand in hand with our manufacturing partners, we lay out the best machines and products for our customers' automotive needs. Some of our best sellers are Corghi and Ranger brands and both are just part of the ensemble of our products which is proof that we do not take the business of keeping wheel equilibrium for granted. 

Corghi Wheel Balancers

Corghi is known as a top innovator when it comes to wheel balancers. They have recently shed new Corghi Blue Light Wheel Balancerslight to their wheel balancing technologies with the highly sophisticated Corghi Blue Light technology. The Blue Light technology illuminates the inner dimensions of the wheel's rim. This gives better imaging and resolution for wheel configuration. This system is backed up with the Touchless technology and a user friendly interface. This greatly helps technicians direct, manage and control the machine with accuracy and minimal effort. It also manages to deliver real time results through increased operational speed and diagnostic evaluations. Through Blue Light, the bar for wheel balancing technologies has been raised a notch higher.

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Ranger Wheel Balancers

The Ranger brand has never failed to deliver their promise for quality product design. They are also known as one of our top selling brands. This brand is constantly moving forward to perfect the technology of their machines. Their DST and ZR Wheel Balancer models have been proven to be assets in every garage. The Ranger DST2420 wheel balancer is equipped with a sophisticated digital sensor technology. The Digital Sensor Technology allows the machine to be very adaptable and dependable in reading tire balance even when work has been nonstop throughout the day. But not only is this machine durable, it is also very smart. This machine is installed with a single chip circuit that reduces latency issues commonly found in its multi- chip counterpart. This feature increases speed and accuracy rates for diagnostic evaluations. 

Another by Ranger, the Ranger ZR650 wheel balancer is well equipped to assess vibration and Ranger Wheel Balancersbalancing problems with precision and ease. This machine has the Drive-Check technology. It is a computer based driving simulation that will reveal any tire unbalance in a much higher speed. This machine is also set up with full features that have the best ergonomic designs such as a pivotal screen that allows you to position it to your comfort. It also has a no hassle set up that decreases personnel labor and risks for wheel and tire damage.

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Hoffman Wheel Balancers

We make sure that diagnostic wheel balancers are always updated with state of the art software and applications to provide precise assessment findings. They should be highly equipped to determine static and dynamic unbalance. Sensors should be highly sensitive and accurate. One of the brands that we distribute for this type is The Hofmann Wheel Balancer Optima II. This wheel balancer performs under a fully automated system. It is designed to be 100% accurate in diagnostic reading in just a spin cycle. This is a smart tool for any garage to have. Technicians need only to monitor proceedings. Just clamp the wheel into the hub, position the hood on its designated place and the machine will take everything from there.Hoffman Wheel Balancers

Hoffman brands also have quality Mid-ranger wheel balancers. The Hoffman Geodyna 2300 is very cost effective. It is equipped with a complete set of balancing modes that can diagnose dynamic and static balance. A LED display is mounted in the weight platform to illuminate all dimensions of the wheel. It delivers the same results as expensive machines but with lesser the cost. This model is great for shops that are limited in spaces, as well.

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Cemb Wheel Balancers

For specialized wheel specifications, there are Wheel Balancer Specialty types. They may vary for motorcycles or heavy duty truck wheels. The CEMB C206 Wheel balancer is one of the specialty wheel balancers that are available to cater to trucks. It is a mobile truck wheel balancer that is equipped with the robust machinery for heavy duty wheels. This machine is specially modeled to provide wheel balancing assessments and wheel repairs. Its applications are even flexible to be used for lighter weight trucks or cars. A menu list is available for selecting weight conversions if reading adjustments will be needed. This model is fashioned for convenience and function.

For motorcycle specifications, CEMB Wheel Balancers presents the K8MC. This can be used for motorcycles and scooters. This balancer is designed specifically to adapt to a motorcycle's wheel features. Static and dynamic unbalances are compensated by an optimization program or software modeled for this weight class. Work on motorcycles should never be taken for granted. Maintaining optimum wheel balance is needed because motorcycles have higher motor vehicular accident risks than other vehicles. 

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The physics of balance can be very daunting and complicated. The factors are intricate and essential. Results should be precise and corrective action should be administered properly. A lot of effort and time has been invested to perfect these machines. As distributors, we are proud of the standards we have subjected our products to. We uphold the quality, reliability and durability of our products. Surely, with our wheel balancers, excellence is achieved.

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