GMC HS-1010E 10 ft x 10 Ga Hydraulic Metal Shear w/ Electric Backgauge

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GMC HS-1010E 10 ft x 10 Ga Hydraulic Metal Shear w/ Electric Backgauge


Elevate your metal cutting capabilities with the HS-1010E Hydraulic Metal Shear, equipped with enhanced features:

  • ISO 9001 Certification: The HS-1010E is ISO 9001 certified, ensuring exceptional quality and adherence to international standards.
  • German SIKO Front Operated Power Back Gauge: Enjoy precise cutting with the 36" German SIKO front-operated power back gauge, featuring micro-adjustment of 0.004" and an inch/mm digital display for accurate measurements.
  • Quick Change Blade Gap Adjustment (BGA): Effortlessly adjust the blade gap with the convenient Quick Change Blade Gap Adjustment system and gap dial, enabling optimal cutting performance. 
  • Shadow Line: Achieve accurate straight cutting with the integrated shadow line, providing a visual guide for precise alignment.
  • 60" Squaring Arm: The HS-1010E comes with a 60" squaring arm featuring an inlaid inch/metric dual scale, allowing for precise measurements and improved cutting accuracy.
  • CE Standard "OMERO" Electric Control System: Designed with the CE standard "OMERO" electric control system, the HS-1010E ensures reliable and efficient operation while meeting European safety standards.
  • OSHA Safety Standard Code Compliance: The HS-1010E meets OSHA safety standards, prioritizing operator safety during use.
  • Adjustable Cutting Length and Stroke: Customize the cutting length and stroke according to your specific requirements, allowing versatility and adaptability for various projects.
  • Ball Transfer Plates: The inclusion of ball transfer plates on the worktable facilitates easy loading of workpieces, streamlining workflow and increasing productivity.
  • Well-Balanced and Sturdy All-Steel Machine Frame: The HS-1010E features a well-balanced and robust all-steel machine frame, ensuring stability, durability, and reliable performance.
  • German-Made Hydraulic Logic System: The HS-1010E is equipped with a centrally located and quiet German-made hydraulic logic system, providing efficient and precise cutting operations.
  • Hydraulic Hold-Downs with Anti-Mar Neoprene: The hydraulic hold-downs feature anti-mar neoprene, securing the material during cutting and preventing damage or slippage.
  • High-Grade Carbon/Chrome Alloy Steel Shear Blades: The shear blades of the HS-1010E are made from high-grade carbon/chrome alloy steel and hardened to 60 HRC. The upper and bottom blades are both 2-edge indexable, offering versatility and extended blade life. 
  • Full-Length Viewable Safety Finger Guard: Prioritizing operator safety, the HS-1010E is equipped with a full-length viewable safety finger guard, providing comprehensive protection from cutting hazards.
  • Removable Safety Foot Pedal: The machine features a removable safety foot pedal, automatically raising the blade upon pedal removal, ensuring operator safety and convenience.
  • Hydraulic and Electrical Overload Protection: The HS-1010E is equipped with hydraulic and electrical overload protection systems, safeguarding the machine and ensuring safe and reliable operation.
  • Compact Operator Control Panel: The compact operator control panel offers intuitive controls, enhancing user-friendliness and operational efficiency.
  • Overload Protected Motors and Low Voltage Control System: All motors in the HS-1010E are overload protected, and the machine features a low voltage control system, ensuring optimal performance and safety.
  • Jog or Continuous Auto Cycle Cutting Operation Modes: Enjoy flexibility with jog or continuous auto cycle cutting operation modes, accommodating various cutting requirements and preferences.

Unleash the power of precision cutting with the HS-1010E Shears, offering advanced features and robust construction to meet your metal cutting needs with exceptional performance and reliability.

Note: The minimum material thickness this Shear can handle is 20 gauge.


 Cutting capacity:
 Mild steel
 Stainless steel
 10’ x 10 Ga.
 10’ x 14 Ga.
 Blade length  121"
 Strokes per minute   10-15
 Throat depth  18"
 Worktable height  34 1/2"
 Front support arm  24"
 Back gauge   36" SIKO powered B.G.
 Blade rake angle  2 degree
 Oil tank cap.  26 Gal
 Main Motor
 Powered B.G. Motor
 10 HP 3 Phase
 Prewired: 220V/35A
 Optional: 440V/18A
 1 HP, 220V/440V, 3 Phase
 Machine weight  9350 LBS
 Machine dimensions  178" x 99" x 65"

Standard Equipment

Experience the exceptional standard equipment included with the HS-1010E Shears, designed to elevate your metal cutting capabilities:

  • 36" German SIKO Front Operated Power Back Gauge: Achieve precise measurements with micro-adjustment and an inch/metric digital display, ensuring accuracy up to 0.004".
  • 60" Squaring Arm with Dual Scale: Enhance cutting accuracy with the inlaid inch/metric dual scale on the 60" squaring arm, providing reliable measurements for precise cuts.
  • Quick Change Blade Gap Adjustment (BGA): Effortlessly adjust the blade gap for optimal cutting performance and efficiency.
  • Shadow Line: Benefit from the integrated shadow line feature, enabling accurate and straight cutting by providing a visual guide.
  • Material Support and Drop Back Chute: Ensure smooth workflow with the material support and convenient drop back chute, facilitating efficient handling of workpieces.
  • Upper and Bottom Blade Set: The HS-1010E is equipped with a set of upper and bottom blades, each featuring 2 edges, maximizing cutting versatility and prolonging blade life.
  • Two 24" Front Support Arms: Stabilize workpieces during cutting operations with the inclusion of two 24" front support arms, enhancing precision and control.
  • Hydraulic Hold-Downs with Anti-Mar Neoprene: Secure materials effectively and protect their surface using the hydraulic hold-downs featuring anti-mar neoprene, preventing damage or slippage.
  • Full-Length Viewable Finger Guard: Prioritize operator safety with the full-length viewable finger guard, providing comprehensive protection against cutting hazards.
  • Removable Safety Foot Pedal: The machine includes a removable safety foot pedal, allowing for convenient operation and automatic blade raising upon pedal removal, ensuring operator safety.
  • Tool Box: Keep essential tools and accessories organized and within reach with the included tool box, providing convenience and easy access.

Experience the precision, efficiency, and safety offered by the HS-1010E Shears, equipped with these premium standard features to meet your metal cutting needs with utmost accuracy and productivity.

Warranty Information

GMC Machine Tools Warranty

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We will replace all parts, that our inspection shows to be defective from a manufacturing standpoint.

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