Martins Industries MSTWD Truck Wheel Dolly

Martins Industries

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Factory Shipped. Delivery Time: 3-5 Business Days

Martins Industries MSTWD Truck Wheel Dolly


Dimensions (L x W x H) 1270 x 787 x 432 mm
50'' x 31'' x 17''
Tire capacity 1
Minimum tire diameter 914 mm / 36'' OD
Maximum tire diameter 1219 mm / 48'' OD
Load capacity 125 kg / 275 lb
Weight 10 kg / 22 lb
Colour Grey & orange - Powder coated paint UV Resistant - Never loses is lustre
Warranty 2 years

Details and characteristics

Ergonomic and safe, increase your productivity when changing heavy truck tire and wheel assemblies with MARTINS new Truck Wheel Dolly. Its two solid casters make it easy to maneuver and support truck tires thus, reducing back injuries and damages to rims.

Ideal for service trucks or for your daily workshop, the MSTWD will ease the positioning of your tire/wheel assemblies onto the hub with its two rollers that allow a 360° rotation.

Rethink how you handle tires. Supporting tires of up to 1219 mm/48″ OD or up to 125 kg/275 lb the dolly will improve your daily work quality and well-being.

Remove tire/wheel assembly from the vehicle:

1. Make sure the vehicle is safely supported by a jack stand and that the lug nuts are removed.
2. Roll the dolly under the slightly lifted tire.
3. Lift the tire/wheel assembly with one hand on the Truck Wheel Dolly and one hand on the tire.
4. Pull and roll the dolly and tire/wheel assembly away from the vehicle.

Install tire/wheel assembly on the vehicle:
1. Make sure the tire/wheel assembly is positioned properly on the dolly.
2. Roll towards the vehicle.
3. Lift tire/wheel assembly with the Truck Wheel Dolly.
4. Line up the holes of the rim with the studs on the hub and install tire/wheel.
5. Remove dolly from under the tire.


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