Martins Industries MIC-6HD-IPS Inflation pit stop - 6 bars HD

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Martins Industries MIC-6HD-IPS Inflation pit stop - 6 bars HD


Includes 6 bars HD tire inflation cage (MIC-6HD)
Seating and inflating station (MSITTS)
Tire Roller
Wheel centering plate
Battery and charger
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1347 x 959 x 1456 mm
53'' x 37-3/4'' x 57-5/16''
Max. tire size 1194 mm / 47''
Maximum tire width 425 mm / 16-3/4''
Weight 166 kg / 366 lb
Colour Orange - Powder coated paint UV Resistant - Never loses is lustre
Warranty 1 year
Electricity Lithium-ion DC 12V / AC 110-240 / 50-60 Hz
Max. air pressure 9 bar, 130 psi, 896 kPa, 9.14 kg/cm2

Details and characteristics

Boost your productivity with MARTINS 6 bars HD Inflation Pit Stop. The one stop station is the safest and most efficient seating and inflating tool on the market. Built with a laser cut air deflection shield, a robust lock on the door, a wheel centering plate, a roller kit and 4 anchor holes*, the Inflation Pit Stop takes out all possible injuries.

All at the push of a button – the station provides ONE easy to operate control box from which you will set the pressure, fill the bead seater, inflate and seat the tire. Moreover, the adjustable barrel aims perfectly between the rim and the tire for an effective seating.

The Inflation Pit Stop is the future of truck tire seating and inflating. No more seating on the ground, eliminating the bead seater handling and constant kick-back. In addition, the cage’s air system (DC 12V rechargeable battery with charger) will automatically inflate or deflate your tire and the safety valve will stop the process if the door opens.

*Rules and regulations regarding cage anchoring differ per region, refer to your local authority.
Patent pending


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