Martins Industries MABS-5AL Automatic release bead seater 5 Gallons aluminum

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Martins Industries MABS-5AL Automatic release bead seater 5 Gallons aluminum


Includes Aluminium tank
Automatic discharge valve
Digital pressure gauge (psi, bar, kPa, Kg/cm²)
Air intake ball valve
Safety relief valve
Threaded barrel
Dimensions (L x W x H) 25-1/2'' X 17'' X 11-1/2''
647 x 431 x 292 mm
Weight 14 lb / 6 kg
Colour Orange - Powder coated paint UV Resistant - Never loses is lustre
Warranty 1 year
Max. air pressure 120 psi / 8.5 bar

Details and characteristics

With its two ergonomic and robust handles, its light weight tank of 14lb/6kg only and its automatic trigger release button, the Automatic Release Bead Seater (MABS-5AL) makes it easy, fast and safe to seat the bead of any ATV, PCR, LT/SUV, TBR or OTR tires in your shop.

The MABS-5AL is a nitrogen compatible bead seater that can seat tires positioned horizontally or vertically up to 120PSI/8.27Bar. It is equipped with an automatic discharge valve that is activated simply by the push of a button. This will make seating tires a lot easier to handle, precise and safe. In addition, the MABS-5AL has an extremely precise digital pressure gauge to quickly read the pressure and precisely fill the tank. It automatically turns off after a period of inactivity. Its safety release valve set at 155psi/10.70bar and a suggested pressure table for each type of tire ensures the safety of your workplace.

MARTINS Bead Seater is certified CE, in addition the aluminum tank exceed the ASME-UM standards therefore it makes the Bead Seater a  reliable working tool, ergonomic and efficient. The threaded barrel was designed with a steel nose tip to easily position the bead seater at a 45-degree angle and with an end split to have the air flow blown out perfectly around the rim which makes it safe to use with TPMS sensors. Finally, the MABS-5AL is painted with powder coated paint for a long lasting durability.

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