Lisle 69910 Turbo Test Kit W / Smoke Adapter


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Lisle 69910 Turbo Test Kit W / Smoke Adapter


  • Includes t-adapter for connecting smoke machines to help locate air leaks in the components.
  • Plugs the output side of the turbo and the intake inlet.
  • Air and smoke are applied through one adapter to show the presence of leaks within the system.
  • Features a pressure gauge, shut off valve and pressure regulator and includes six pairs of stepped adapters to fit most turbo systems on cars and light trucks.
  • Can also be used on some cooling system hoses.
  • Every piece is sold separately tool.


Part # Description Sizing
69710  31/38 Plugged Adapter  1-1/4"/1-1/2"
69720  31/38 Air Fitting Adapter  1-1/4"/1-1/2"
69730  46/51 Plugged Adapter  1-7/8"/2"
69740  46/51mm Air Fitting Adapter  1-7/8"/2"
69750  55/60mm Plugged Adapter  2-1/8" /2-3/8"
69760  55/60 Air Fitting Adapter  2-1/8" /2-3/8"
69770  65/70 Plugged Adapter  2-1/2"/2-3/4"
69780  65/70 Air Fitting Adapter  2-1/2"/2-3/4"
69790  75/80mm Plugged Adapter  3"/3-1/8"
69800  75/80mm Air Fitting Adapter  3"/3-1/8"
69810  85/90mm Plugged Adapter  3-3/8"-3-1/2"
69820  85/90mm Air Fitting Adapter  3-3/8"-3-1/2"
69840  Air Regulator Hose & Gauge   
69920  Smoke Adapter   


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm



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