Lisle 81850 Combination Brake Lining Gauge Set


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Lisle 81850 Combination Brake Lining Gauge Set

The 9 Piece Manual Brake Gauge Set Allows Brake Pad Wear to be Accurately and Consistently Measured without Guessing.

Designed to check both straight on or at a 90° angle to the rotor with offset tips so the gauges can be used without removing the wheel or caliper assembly on many applications. Brake lining gauges identify thickness levels for brake lining inspection. Made from durable, flexible acetal. The gauges are color coded to match SAE or Metric recommendations for brake pad replacement. 

Patent: 9,500,462

Available Individually:

Part NumberColorDescription
81860 Red Brake Gauge 2MM/.0787 - Right Angled
81870 Red Brake Gauge 2MM/.0787 - Straight
81880 Red Brake Gauge 3MM/.1181
81890 Yellow Brake Gauge 4MM/.1575
81900 Yellow Brake Gauge 5MM/.1969
81910 Yellow Brake Gauge 6MM/.2362
81920 Green Brake Gauge 8MM/.3150
81930 Green Brake Gauge 10MM/.3937
81940 Green Brake Gauge 12MM/.4724




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