Lisle 81200 Plastic Chisel Scraper 3 pc. Set

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Lisle 81200 Plastic Chisel Scraper 3 pc. Set

Set of Three Plastic Chisels for Removing Emblems and Adhesive Backed Trim Without Damage.

The one-piece, high-impact plastic chisels can also be used to remove stick-on weights from aluminum wheels and gaskets from aluminum surfaces, without marring. Blades can be resharpened. Includes 3/4", 1", 1-1/2" blade widths. Hand guard and hang hole built into each flexible scraper.

Part NumberDescription
81210 3/4" Plastic Chisel Scraper
81220 1" Plastic Chisel Scraper
81230 1-1/2" Plastic Chisel Scraper

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