Lisle 69200 Relay Test Jumper Wire Set


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Lisle 69200 Relay Test Jumper Wire Set

Use with 56810 or 60610 to Easily and Securely Connect Relay Test Jumper to a Multimeter.

Can also use banana plug to pin probe adapter for use with pin probes. Kit contains two terminal to banana tip wires, two pin tip to banana plug adapters and one terminal to banana tip wire with jumper wire. Jumper wire may be used between common and open to close the relay circuit for testing and has a test port to easily check voltage. Also provides access for a clamp-on amp meter.

Available Individually:

Part NumberDescription
69210 Orange Banana Plug Adapter (2)
69220 Terminal to Blue Plug
69230 Terminal to Yellow Plug
69240 Terminal to Green Plug


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