Gun Washers

  • Herkules G100 Paint Gun Washer W/ Heavy Duty Pump
    $1,064.81 $958.33

    Cleans 1 gun & 1 cup simultaneously Includes best pump on the market automatic timer and safey lid shut-off switch Cleans all types of guns Made in USA 3 year Pump Warranty on Herkules 338 pumps purchased alone and on Paint Gun Washers from 1-1-06.

  • Herkules G200 Herkules "Classic Blue" Gun Washer
    $1,337.96 $1,204.17

    Herkules G200 Paint Gun Washer Features and Benefits Herkules most popular Paint Gun Washer, the G200 automatically cleans two guns and two cups requiring only five gallons of mid to high grade solvent about every four to six weeks, saving on solvent and...

  • Herkules G210 Pressure Feed Gun Washer

    Herkules G210 Pressure Feed Gun Washer
    $1,504.63 $1,354.17

    Herkules G210 Pressure Feed Gun Washer (G210) Features:  Cleans 2 guns & 2 cups simultaneously in one minute   Cleans all types of spray guns   Also cleans pressure pots, hoses, and 5 gallon cans   Three year...

  • Herkules G45 FastTrack Paint Gun Washer

    Herkules G45 Fasttrack Paint Gun Washer
    $486.11 $437.50

    For Waterborne or Solvent Paints   Load with Sparkle Clean Blast for a quick spray gun cleaning anywhere in your shop   Cleans both waterborne or solvent paint off of guns   Cost effective The FastTrack is very inexpensive   ...

  • Herkules R500 Waterborne Recycler "Li'L Flocker"
    $740.74 $666.67

    Simply pour dirty waterborne cleaning solution into the R500 add a coagulant agitate and filter. A flocculating process that takes about 5 minutes.   Quickly recycle dirty waterborne cleaning solution.   Save money on cleaning solution. ...