Esco 10103 Bead Breaker Head, Giant Tire

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Esco 10103 Bead Breaker Head, Giant Tire

The ESCO Professional Bead Breaker Series have become a staple in the tire service industry for well over 30 years. ESCO provides a wide range of bead breakers that can handle rim sizes from the smallest to the largest of application.

  • Use on 5 piece rims 39”, 45”, 51”, 57”, and 63” wheel sizes.
  • In some cases you must first use [Model #10105] or the [Model #10100] bead breaker to start the movement of the rim flange; the [Model #10103] can then be used.
  • [Model #10504], air/hydraulic pump is recommended for operation.
  • The [Model #10627] Kit converts the [Model #10103] into a [Model #10103L], which is capable of Working on 63” Rims.

Weight: 54 lbs. | 25 kg

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