Star-A-Liner Cheetah Floor Rack System


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Star-A-Liner Cheetah Floor Rack System

Frame racks come in a number of standard sizes; however, there is nothing standard about Star-A-Liner’s Cheetah line of frame racks. An industry innovator dating back to the ’80s, Cheetah frame machines are simply fast and easy to use: a great combination in any busy auto body repair shop. Smart, simple designs make these Cheetahs a favorite for shop owners and repair technicians alike.

Cheetah Frame Racks: A Step Ahead of the Pack

Star-A-Liner has always been a step ahead of the rest of the industry. Our rectangular machine racks fit in the cramped quarters of an auto body shop, taking up less precious space. That’s efficiency of space, an important consideration in an industry in which automobiles and pickups are getting larger and larger every day.

Our frame racks come in the standard sizes: 15-, 18-, 20- and 24-foot models. We can also custom-build a model for your shop. Plus, we have electric over hydraulic and air over hydraulic models. Those options, as well as our easy-to-use operation, let your technicians work faster. That’s efficiency of time–another huge ingredient in running a successful auto body repair shop.

Cheetah racks are simply fast to use, and their simple designs–with fewer components to break–mean they are more durable, too. That’s efficiency of money. To increase your company’s profits, you can cut corners or you can cut waste. With Star-A-Liner’s line of Cheetah frame machines, you can use your space, time, and money more wisely. Other racks are just standard–Cheetah sets the standard.


  • Length of two treadways together: 12 ft. (366 cm)
  • Width of treadway: 21 in. (53 cm)
  • Tower height: 6 ft. (183 cm)
  • Weight: 360 lbs (163 kg)
  • Power required for hydraulics: 100 psi air (6.89 bar)
  • Pulling power, hydraulics: 10 ton (9 metric ton)

Pinchweld clamp & treadway design has changed from the photos shown


  • 1 – 6’ (183 cm)portable pulling post.
  • 1 – hyd. pump, hose, and ram.
  • 2 – 8’ (244 cm) chains
  • 2 – 12’ (366 cm) chains
  • 2 – 12’ (366 cm) treadways sections
  • 1 – (set of 4) pinchweld  clamps
  • 2 – portable ramps
  • 14 – floor/anchor pots

Shipping is not included, an additional steel surcharge may apply.