Why You Should Consider Wheel Type Before Buying a Car Wheel Balancer

To keep car wheels running smoothly and steadily for a long time, knowing how vital it is to balance wheels every 5,000 miles (ca. 8,047 km), or roughly two years or so is a must. Wheel balancing maintains safe and efficient performance of the vehicle in various road conditions and weather, and also maintains suspension and tire health.

Prolonged wheel imbalance can cause too much vibration with a slight buzzing noise during high speeds, which can make driving shaky and uncomfortable. It can also cause long-term car damage especially on the tires that can eventually lead to a lot of problems and might even cause a higher risk of road accidents.

Additionally, it can cause increased fuel consumption and of course, safety risk due to an imminent tire blowout.

To further prevent these adverse complications, investingin high-quality car wheel balancers to maintain tire health is very important. Take a look at some car wheel balancer categories that will cater to your customers’ specific needs and wheel types:

Premium Car Wheel Balancers

These car wheel balancers are perfect for larger and heavier tires. They are usually used by multi-bay repair shops and other professional automotive stores as they prefer to have quicker and more precise machines.

They are easy to set up, user-friendly and can automatically detect tire imbalance. Additional features include an automatic arm to measure wheel diameter, lasers to spot the location of wheel weights and LED light for the rim interior.

Mid-Range Car Wheel Balancers

They are the most commonly used wheel balancers and cover a wide array of automobile types. As opposed to the premium wheel balancer, they cater to lighter and smaller wheel types due to their smaller guard size.

Some of their features are self-calibrating and self-diagnosis capabilities, static balancing, LED display and Digital Sensor Technology.

Specialty Wheel Balancers

These car wheel balancers are compact and portable, providing precise results even on the go. Some can even be affixed to the wall, on a workbench or on a van.

Their main feature is versatility - they can be used on a variety of wheel types, from motorcycles to trucks. Additionally, they feature a foot brake, self-alignment, self diagnosis and Automatic Distance and Diameter Entry.

Diagnostic Car Wheel Balancers

These are the most expensive type of car wheel balancers due to the addition of more advanced features such as a CCD camera that gives a full wheel diagnosis, touchless measurement and analysis and full automation.

They can also reveal common tire defects such as bouncing and also have features like automatic positioning and touchscreen interface with easier controls and menu navigation.

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