How to Create Explanatory Videos for an Auto Repair Shop

If you want your car repair shop to flourish, you need to provide value for your customers upfront. Doing so allows you to build trust with your clients, drive traffic to your website and store, and boost brand awareness.

Explanatory videos are a proven method of educating your customers on proper maintenance tips, what your company is about, and other helpful information. Developing this video content does not need to break your budget. However, you can do things to make videos that convert prospects into customers, boost sales, and establish credibility for you and your business.

Below we explain how to create videos for an auto repair shop, key topics to explore, and why you need this valuable business development strategy.

What Are Explanatory Videos and Why Do You Need Them?

An explanatory video gains the attention of a current or prospective customer. The most effective explainer videos can accomplish this within two minutes of engaging content that discusses a business, product, or idea.

Your customers digest information in different ways. Oftentimes, you will receive website visitors who would rather watch a video than reading long-form text. Explainer videos for an auto repair shop are the perfect solution because they address basic questions in a concise, engaging manner.

Apart from the convenience for your current and future clients, here are a few other reasons why explainer videos are a worthy investment:

  • Attention –people have short attention spans, so a quality explainer video grabs the attention of the website visitor and keeps them on your site for longer.
  • Boosts Conversion Rate – the longer your prospective customer remains on your website, the more likely you are to convert them.
  • Effective Elevator Pitch – video creation for an auto repair shop will be much more compelling than standard text or images. A strategic explainer video on the website is an excellent way to convey your values, mission, or other informative content.
  • Shareable – website content also serves a meaningful purpose for search engines. You cannot drive traffic to your site if you do not rank high in Google search results. Because video ranks ahead of text for Google, it will drive more attention to your website.
  • Brand Personification – having a strong brand presence allows you to better connect with your audience. An explainer video about your auto repair shop’s mission is critical in converting future customers.

The Process: What You Need to Know

Investing in meaningful content can go a long way for your business. You will gain more trust with your clients by producing a professionally written message. Below are a couple of methods and steps to convert your knowledge into paying customers.

Hire a Professional

Explanatory video production itself will not cost too much. Therefore, you can use the extra funds to hire a company or professional copywriter to create the video production, script, and visuals.

As you decide on who creates the final script, choose carefully. You want to trust someone who already holds reliable knowledge in the subject. When you evaluate the different companies, freelancers, or proposals, always ask for examples of past work. Seeing proof will give you a good idea of the quality to expect.


Maybe you do not have the budget or means to hire a professional company or freelancer. If you are already knowledgeable about the topic yourself, you can create the script from scratch.

Schedule a brainstorming session to figure out the most frequently asked questions about your business. We outlined a list below, but you always want to focus the explainer video topic on the customer’sneeds.

Once you have your talking points, film yourself on an iPhone or comparable camera. Today’s technology enables you to transfer phone videos to computers with ease. There is simple video editing software to use like Vimeo, Magisto, and others. You can film these videos in front of a standard background, around the vehicle for demonstration, or walking around the shop.

Promote the Explanatory Video

Once the explanatory video is complete, it is time to position it in front of your prospects and customers. Properly executing a marketing strategy is all about attention. If you can place the explainer video in the right areas, you can convert more customers, build trust with your audience, and generate more sales.

An excellent place to start is your website. Place the video in a location that already generates a lot of traffic, such as the homepage or landing page. Attach the video and include a call to action, which guides your customers toward a concrete decision. Leave your contact information or integrate a “book appointment now” button.

So, how do you drive your current and future customers to this engaging video? There are a few high-converting channels to consider:

  • Social media – if you already have a community of followers on social media, you can share your videos here. A strong social media content strategy enables you to keep your clients engaged and transform posts into advertisements.
  • Email – as you take care of more and more customers, your business should be gathering a list of emails. This email list is the perfect vehicle to send out promotions, helpful information, and explainer videos. Although email is not as highly converting as it used to be, it is still a highly effective marketing strategy.
  • Paid Advertisements – you can also leverage the power of cost-per-click (CPC) or pay-per-click (PPC) ads to connect with certain demographics, markets, and niches. With a solid message, paid advertisements are a cost-effective strategy to get your message to a broader audience.

Video Topics to Consider

Besides creating a video about your mission and brand, what are some engaging topics to consider? Below are several ideas and questions that your target customers may inquire about:

  • How to prepare the car for the cold, winter months – lower temperatures call for extra maintenance, so a 2-minute crash course on best practices is an excellent idea.
  • Preventative maintenance – coach your customers on things they can do on their own to preserve the life of their car.
  • Signs of a tune-up needed – many people do not know when to bring the car in for repair if the engine light is off. You can provide a video that talks about the critical situations when a tune-up is needed.
  • Check engine light – when the check engine light comes on, the first question is “why?” Enlighten your customers on potential reasons why the light popped on, and then provide a call to action to book an appointment at the shop.
  • Belts and hoses – a helpful explanatory video could talk about when belts and hoses need to be switched out.
  • Brakes – Brakes are one of the most common reasons for car repair. A lot of your customers will come to your website to learn why their brakes are squeaking. An explainer video can walk through the different reasons why this is the case.

Final Wrap Up

As you can see, explanatory videos are an innovative way to provide a free value-added service to your customer base. It is also an effective strategy to showcase your skill, competence, and willingness to solve their issues.

If you have not investigated this marketing tactic yet, it is not too late to start. You can create compelling explainer videos with a big or small budget. It all starts with you identifying a need, drafting a strong script, delivering the message, and promoting the video to the optimal channels.

Once you figure out how to create videos for an auto repair shop, you can take your business to another level by providing free education for your current and future clients.

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