For the Car Collector: A Car Lift Opens Up Space in a Crowded Garage

So as you already know, repair shops and mechanics are not the only people that use car lifts. Us car enthusisats, also use them a lot in our home garages as well. Of course, half of the time, we won't be using them for repairs but we will be usuing them to store our rides.

Of course, being a regular American Joe, our garages won't be able to house several cars at the same time. In fact, according to the National Assocciation of Home Builders (NAHB), most houses in the United States only have a two car garage. While this is cool to fit an average family's needs, it won't be enough to fit all of our toys.

That's why if you think your garage can no longer accommodate all of your rides under the same roof, then we suggest getting using a different strategy to accommodate all of your precious toys.

How to Solve our Crazy Space Problem

We car guys are car crazy and we love investing and collecting beautiful vehicles as part of our hobby, sometimes we may even get a little out of hand. So here at JMC Equipment, we understand that keeping them outside is not an option. We need to take care of our cars and shield them from the weather, vandalism or even theft.

Also, expanding our garages is sometimes out of the question because of cost and time issues. That's why, a four post lift, is one of the best solutions for your garage.

The Perfect Solution

As I have mentioned, the car lift is the perfect solution for our car crazy fever. For example, with a four post challenger car lift, you will be able to store your everyday car and your weekend car in one single space, and of course, no modification of your garage will be needed.

Even if you have more than two cars, you can always get a double four post car lift where you will be able to lift two cars at the same time 

Your Cars Are Safe

You don’t have to fret about the top car accidentally crushing the one under it. Four-post car lifts are designed to hold significant weight loads. In fact, some can carry up to 18,000 lbs. So, you can rest easy knowing that both cars are safe where they are.

Modern four-post car lifts also incorporate extensive safety features to guard users against injury. These include automatic safety locks, anti-sway blocks and runway ramps and chocks. The contemporary designs also address pinch points. Since these can harm people, manufacturers removed those found in the hose and limbs from the product.

Convenient for Repairs

Car lifts make it easier for you to tinker with your cars. It will provide access to a car’s underside, allowing you to check it periodically, carry out necessary repairs, or fiddle with its parts with ease. After all, the special vehicles need constant maintenance to keep them in good shape.

Buying a Car Lift for Your Home

Car lifts are a convenient and cost-effective solution to your garage space woes. And since they will be housing some of your most significant investments, it’s only fitting to choose ones that meet industry standards.

At JMC Automotive, we only carry products from reliable brands. This way, we ensure that we offer car lifts that can efficiently and safely store and protect your collection. We will help you find the lift that fits your car and garage.

Expand your garage storage with our car lifts. Contact us for inquiries.