A Quick Guide to Profitability for Your Parking Garage

No one likes to drive around in circles, especially not when time is of the essence. If you’ve identified this pain point and recognized the need for more parking spaces, then you’re probably working on putting up a parking garage.


While there is a need for the business, you’re also likely to encounter competition. How do you distinguish your parking garage from other garages? Consider the following strategies:

Increase occupancy with the right equipment

Increase occupancy and you raise revenue for your parking garage. Fortunately, you don’t need a larger space to accommodate more customers, all you need is to invest in equipment that maximizes your space. Our Bendpak car lifts for sale will give your parking garage the added space it needs.

The car lift comes in several configurations, and engineered to take on the most strenuous demands. You’re not only accommodating more cars to your parking garage, but you’re also ensuring the safety of the vehicles. And this will earn your garage loyal customers.

car lifts

Offer convenience with online reservations and payments

Technology is helping parking garages around the country increase customers. People can now reserve a space, check out rates, and pay online. When you offer such conveniences to your customers, you’re likely to increase business.

Add a service

Your parking garage can offer other services related to vehicles, like auto body repair. If you have the capital, why not open up a body shop near your garage? Your customers may encounter fender benders on the road and your auto shop could provide quality repair work.

The International Parking Institute estimates that parking is a $30 billion industry — and it continues to grow. With the right set of strategies and equipment, your parking garage can achieve profits.


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