7 Ways to Improve your Auto Repair Shop’s About Us Page

Attention fellow shop owner, ecommerce sites are on the rise and in the information age any company both large and small can be in grave danger if they don’t get with the times. This doesn’t mean being an expert webmaster or auto repair shop marketing guru but it does imply a good amount of quality content, original images and last but not least, an informative about us page.

Believe it or not, selling great products and services will not be enough for someone to add you to a wish list. If people are interested in what you offer 9/10 visitors will read the about us page, so if yours is non-existent, you may not be closing the amount of deals you could be. Most companies tend to write very verbose about us pages that ultimately say nothing due to all the buzzwords they use. One clear example would be:

“Northshore Services Inc. is a worldwide finance entity that redefines enterprise networking and adaptability by providing a wide array of contemporary world-class services and superlative customer experiences”

In layman’s terms, nothing. There are hundreds of companies that resort to these buzzwords and in the end; the visitor is bored and discouraged from purchasing something from you. So without further ado, here are 8 Ways to improve your Auto Repair Shop’s About Us Page.

Customer’s Needs Come First

Customer’s Needs Come First

Even though this is your auto repair shop, by looking at your products and services, visitors already know what you offer. They want to know why they should choose you over your competitors. Customers in the auto repair world are pretty much the same as any other industry, demanding, some can be bargain hunters, experts or novices and generally all ask the same questions.

Start by keeping track of said questions and think of good answers you’ve given clients in the past. For example, someone asks what has been your on-time shipping percentage or flaunt the number of satisfied customers you’ve had during the years. Remember, when they’re on your about us page it generally means they want to be convinced that you’re the best. They care more about what they’re receiving: solutions and benefits.

Be Honest and Sincere with Your Intentions

We mentioned many companies about us pages being swamped with buzzwords. Words like second to none, cutting edge, avant garde, visionary etc. There is no need to include these words to make one sound fancy. Let your customers decide how outstanding you are. If you have a team of visionaries in your auto repair shop, let customers know of the cool products you’ve developed that make you visionaries. Let the customer decide what kind of company you are.

Last but not least, if you’re a newly formed company, don’t make words up. State your mission and vision and make compelling arguments as to why they should choose you.

Original Images

Those of you that have read our previous articles know that this is a point we include in almost all of our website building, SEO and Social Media Marketing articles. We probably now sound like a broken record but original images are pivotal for an about us page as well. Don’t use the hackneyed image of the average joe in a shirt and tie with a hard hat and a blueprint.

This is where you can include pictures of your mechanics in action, of your team and of your establishment. Always use real photos of real people and places, refrain from using any photos at all if you do not have them.

Streamline your Awards

Streamline your Awards

Accolades and certifications are important but wait, don’t just include every award you’ve ever received. Awards provide credibility but only pick the ones you deem worthy of your about us page because remember, it shouldn’t feel like the content is dragging on forever. Readers should be interested in reading what you have to say but at the same time know it is a few paragraphs long.

If you have many awards and can’t do without them, consider adding an awards page and there you can show off the certifications and accolades.

Always Update

Times change, policies change, rules change, even people change so for that reason you should remember to periodically update your about us page. Whenever you land a big customer or now have new team members with new capabilities, open a new location, be sure to update your about us page as soon as possible.

Don’t be Afraid to ask for Help

Don’t be Afraid to ask for Help

You know your business better than others so 9/10 your about us page will sound good to you but does it sound convincing and informative to an outsider? Have a novice in the field of automotive repair read through your about us page. If the person can’t answer who, what, where, when, why, get back to work. Asking for help is a sign that you really care about making this page sound as real as possible and want people to get it.

Get Over Yourself

The end result of an about us page can either make you or break you so just focus on facts, figures and accomplishments. Think about the needs you fulfill and problems you solve for your customers and use plain language to describe yourself. Believe it or not, this works because it lets visitors on your site know that you’re a real person they can relate to that speaks their mind and not someone who gathers buzzwords to form sentences.

Every company regardless of how big or how small, has a story to tell. Go back to those high school English classes and think of creative short stories or anecdotes and try to put them to work on your about us page. If you’re an auto repair shop owner, you know you’re a customer first and a business owner second so be creative and let the writing begin!