5 Ways to Exceed Customer Expectations at your Auto Repair Shop

No one will argue that owning an auto repair shop is far from easy even more so in the highly competitive world we live in. Large repair shops are always offering low prices and smaller companies trying desperately to compete. Many small businesses retain clients because they continue to keep their prices low despite of competition but what if you want to keep your prices average and have new customers visit, what can you do?

You first want to make each customer’s experience at your shop memorable, you want them to not hesitate next time they need car parts or services done. This is where auto repair shop marketing comes into effect and here are 5 Ways Exceed Customer Expectations at your Auto Repair Shop.

auto repair shop marketing

1.Extra Services go a Long Way

Take value added services for instance, customers always want something more for free, so why not give it to them? We don’t mean give stuff away all the time but as customers we do like to know that a shop is providing something gratuitously. You can provide a free oil change (with certain purchases) refilling windshield washer fluid and even something as simple as putting some air in their car’s tires. Just like children are happy to receive a lollipop after an appointment, customers want something more for free and are grateful if you kindly let them know of the extra service.

2.Be Helpful

A lot of us may think we’ve got this covered but guess again. How many times have you not spoken your mind or asked questions because of embarrassment? What for some may be common sense, for others might be daunting. Encourage your customers to ask questions because remember, most people don’t know anything about cars and are just there because they need the service. You also need to be clear when you explain why they need the product or service you’re offering. Customers sometimes feel they’re paying for unnecessary repairs and services so it is your job to clearly (and nicely) explain why things are necessary.

3.Politeness and a Smile go a long way

Customer services require people skills and this is something businesses are forgetting. You don’t need a college degree to be polite and smiles even in difficult situations help build good relationships. Professionalism above all else, so make sure your employees are polite to your money err I mean customers.

4.Be Efficient and Effective

Though used in similar scenarios efficient and effective are not the same thing. Being efficient means being able to finish certain tasks with the minimum amount of time and use of resources while being effective means finishing a task the best way possible. So being effective is more for your customers. They don’t like to wait so speed is fundamental and improving productivity is a must. Efficiency is important because it allows your shop to finish more tasks in less time which equals more money.

5.Avoid Cutting Corners

My mother always said the lazy person will end up working twice as hard and don’t tell her I said this but, she’s right. It may seem obvious that you have to do a good job but you’ll be surprised at how many shops cut corners on their work either because of laziness or to move onto something else. Provide high-quality service and your customers will take notice.

We didn’t necessarily help you find the holy grail of auto repair marketing ideas but these tips are something to keep in mind and trust us when we say this, one happy customer is enough to let you know they work.