5 Key Sale Techniques for Your Auto Shop Products & Services


5 Key Sale Techniques for Your Auto Shop Products and Services

Yes it's true! A picture is worth a thousand words. This saying is relevant even when that picture is a sales pitch. Like any sale, putting the right image into your customers mind is imperative to doing business. Many people in history have used this technique to achieve success in whatever task they had at hand, salespeople of course have perfected it.

JMC Automotive Equipment has compiled 5 Key Sale Techniques that will have you selling your Auto Service in no time.

Emphasize the Benefit

Sell the Benefits of Auto Repair

By emphasizing the benefits instead of what goes into doing the job, you will paint a clear picture in your customer's mind of why they need to do what you tell them to do. For example, when you go to a restaurant, and you ask the waiter to bring you a steak, you don't want to see the whole process of how the steak got to your table. All you want to see is the "sizzle" of that steak arrive in formidable fashion to your table so you could enjoy it at once. It is the same with your customer, they don't want to know the step by step process of what is required to fix the car; all they want to see and hear is why that whole process will make their car run 10 times better. Don't be shy, most auto repair shops make the mistake of just focusing on the parts and labor that go into a job as opposed to showing them the benefits they will obtain by choosing you. Like we always say, "Sell the sizzle, don't sell the steak". At the end of it all just don't sell yourself short.

I have Great News!

See how that sub title got your attention? That's exactly how you should be approaching your customers no matter what form of communication you use. Be it by phone, email or face to face your customer needs to feel that you have the best news in town when you are selling them on your services. This will not only set the tone for your sales presentation but will also put your customer at ease because they now know that you are a professional who feels that the services you are about to recommend are truly a great value and in their best interest.

Make the first move!

As the saying goes "The early bird catches the worm". The best time to schedule the next appointment with a customer is at the point of delivery. You have just finished doing an excellent job for them, they feel comfortable with you. This is the time to remind them of your bi-yearly check-ups or tune-ups. Don't make the mistake of not putting them down for future work. This doesn't mean you have to lock them in right away but let them know you are there for them for all their auto needs. If they leave without you reminding them of this then they're going to be fair game for all your competitors.

Use an Assumptive Tone

Use an Assumptive Tone - Yes!

Customers before Money

We have all been customers and know when a salesperson is not looking out for our interest but instead for our credit card information. Remember, customers are intuitive and they can quickly make out who is there to help them and who isn't. Be sincere and sell from your heart. The best thing you can do to sell your services is to listen and walk your customers through the service process. Don't be one of those mechanics that does not inform their customers. Keep them in the loop, show them what steps you took to fix their problem and give them advice on how to avoid said problem in the future. By doing this you are creating trust and through that trust you will gain a forever client and great referrals.  

What other techniques do you use to better sell your auto repair services? 

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