10 Cool Features found in the Next Generation of Vehicles

Attention car lover, are you a big fan of science fiction movies as well as technology? If so you’ll probably be glad to know that the future shown to us in movies growing up is not as far as we thought. As technology continues to take over our lives (in a good way, I think), we begin to see it have more of an influence in the automotive industry. The future is now and if you’re a technician or future car owner, be ready to be amazed because the next gen of cars will be something awesome. Here is 10 Cool Features found in the Next Generation of Vehicles.


Ok, this might not be new but the uses of the cameras will be a brand new feature. A few years ago Toyota introduced us to vehicles with rear cameras to help for parking and backing out of tight areas but the next generation of vehicles will up the ante. Not only will cameras facilitate backing up but they will also allow you to see everything around the vehicle while driving.

Lighter Weighted Vehicles

Thanks to military scientists lighter cars are now a possibility and no, we don’t mean the Renault Twizzy’s found in Europe or the smart cars. The 2015 Ford F-150 is supposed to be 700 pounds lighter than the older models. Some might argue that in colder areas where the roads get icy that a lighter vehicle is a disadvantage but you can’t really argue with a lighter full-duty pickup. This is all thanks to the use of military grade aluminum that makes cars more durable, gas efficient and easier to maneuver.

Built in WiFi

This might not be big news considering that there is already WiFi everywhere else you go but having your own personal hot spot right inside your car can be of great use. Turn off your expensive, battery depleting data and connect to the WiFi in your car. Think about it, with a tablet and WiFi in your car, quiet road trips, I can feel the peace and quiet already.

Brakes and Cameras that Keep you in Line

A car that drives itself is something that we’ve all wanted and some even wanted to know the whereabouts of KITT but now they can buy their own. You probably won’t need one but many of us find ourselves driving a bit too close to that yellow line. For that reason, Ford, Toyota and Lincoln have implemented something called a “lane centering” feature into their Fusion, Prius and MKZ model which uses onboard cameras and brakes to gently place your car into the center of a lane.

Gas Efficient Engines and Motors

The real highlight of this article is informing people of the advances made in the department of gas efficiency. A car can have WiFi and it’s weight reduced but if it’s a gas guzzler, chances are your average Joe will not purchase it. Gas prices have been dropping recently but who’s to tell the price per gallon won’t increase again in upcoming years? The 2015 Ford F-150 also comes equipped with more efficient cylinders to save us from frequent trips to the gas station.

Self-cleaning Windows

Again, not exactly an essential tool but car makers are implementing windows made from coated glass that stops dirt, debris and even rain before they even touch your windows. Remember, it is all automatic so just activate that baby and nothing gets to touch your windows but sunlight.


Sensors aren’t exactly a breakthrough but the new generation of vehicles will have implemented sensors that learn your driving style. This is quite revolutionary because at companies like BMW and Mercedes-Benz, the new vehicles will alert you to pull over and rest when you’re not yourself due to fatigue thus avoiding accidents.

Voice Recognition

Car companies like Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat and Jeep have added an interface called UConnect voice recognition system that actually responds to your voice and completes a number of tasks. It was only a matter of time until this happened but some of the 2015 models actually already have this program. Be sure to ask your car where the nearest pizza spot is, where am I? and even, how do i get home?

Cars that Drive Themselves

For years we’ve all been waiting for cars that drive themselves and i’m happy to announce that for many, this wait has come to an end. The guys over at Tesla have managed to implement this futuristic feature into their newest Model S. The system uses a camera, radar and 360 degree sonar sensors to control speed, change lanes and even parallel park automatically.

More Intuitive GPS

I think we can all agree that if we knew what route to take to work or home that avoided traffic, we would be happier with the commute. That being said, Acura’s real-time traffic feature found on the 2016 MDX works with a built in GPS system that informs you of the routes with the most traffic and what the best way to get around it is. It also informs its users of weather events and construction work done that has caused traffic. You probably know of an app that does the same but why risk your life pulling out your phone on the road when your car can do it for you?

Many of these features might not be revolutionary but they do set the standards high for future generation of vehicles to come.

What feature would you like to see on your next vehicle?

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