Baileigh Milling Machines

Baileigh Milling Machines

Meet the demands of your auto repair shop customers by investing in the right tools. JMC Equipment has various Baileigh vertical mills for sale that offer accuracy, speed, and value for your money. Our products come with safety features, cooling systems, high-precision screws, advanced electrical components, and more.

Dynamic and Efficient Machines

Milling machines are utilized in the industrial sector because they can cut high-quality parts with precision. Since most of these machines are automated, workers can position them vertically or horizontally to carve designs onto materials.

These dynamic and efficient machines have a motor-driven spindle that mounts on the equipment’s milling cutter. The basic form of these machines contains a rotating cutter that revolves around the spindle axis like a drill and attaches to a movable table. The rotary cutters, in turn, remove excess material from the workpiece to achieve the desired cut.

A Machining Solution for Automotive Applications

We offer equipment useful in small and large machining applications. Our extensive line-up of vertical mill drills is suitable for low- to high-volume production environments to ensure you have the best auto part product for your needs. More than shaping flat and irregular surfaces, however, these machines can also perform other tasks like cutting gears, drilling, routing, and producing slots.

Vertical milling machines help shorten the auto repair and restoration cycle and improve business competitiveness. Our strong, reliable, and cost-effective machines create oil and gas machine parts, car molds, aerospace and military grade products, and more.

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Baileigh Milling Machines

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