Baileigh Drillers and Drill Press

Baileigh Drillers And Drill Press

Quickly and precisely cut holes at you auto repair or fabrication shop using one of our drilling machines. JMC Equipment offers Baileigh drilling tools for sale to assist in commercial and other industrial applications. Our brand equipment helps commercial shops enhance their productivity by creating holes in large auto parts and other hard-to-reach locations.

Our product line includes magnetic and hydraulic drills. These heavy-duty machines are built to last—they are lightweight, compact, and contain powerful motors for maximum performance.

Drilling with Accuracy and Consistency

Magnetic drills are special power tools that make the portable drilling of structural steel in fabrication shops possible. Since it is as versatile as a drill press, users can easily position the machine to drill horizontally, vertically, or overhead.

These drills have a strong electromagnetic base that makes them adhere to ferrous metal surfaces. With them, auto shop and facility workers can make holes in heavy sections of steel where normal handheld drills cannot.

Adjustable Heads and Angle Versatility

Radial-arm drill presses get their name from drilling assemblies that turn on an axis, like a hand on a clock. The pivotable drilling head makes it easy to drill materials at odd angles. Furthermore, hydraulic radial drill and radial drill presses can cover large surfaces.

Hole Drilling for Automotive Parts

Hole drilling is a requirement in automotive manufacturing. They take the hassle out of creating engine blocks, transmission shafts, airbag propellant chambers, and other internal engine parts. You can count on our equipment for speed, power, and accuracy to meet their hole-drilling needs.

Perform drilling tasks precisely and efficiently. Contact our team to learn more about our Baileigh products. 

Baileigh Drillers and Drill Press

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