Baileigh Pipe and Tube Bending Machines

The ability to bend tubing with sharp curves, loops, turns, and peaks precisely is impossible without sophisticated technology and skilled workers. A product’s finish, after all, depends on the equipment you use. JMC Equipment provides an extensive line-up of Baileigh tube benders and pipe benders for your automotive bending needs. Auto repair and maintenance shops trust our machines for its accuracy and detail.

Tube Bending for Various Applications

Manufacturers use tube benders to create parts for musical instruments and bicycle frames. It serves various design and architectural purposes. They can also bend your materials with precision to suit various industrial applications like handrails, roll cages, chassis components, bike racks, oil and gas pipelines, and exhaust pipes.

High-Performance Auto Exhaust Tube Bending

By investing in a Bailegh tube and pipe bending machine for your shop, you can boost productivity, as well as save time and on operational costs. Use our tools in your auto shop for exhaust manufacturing. Our equipment can help you produce the following parts:

  • Exhaust headers – Our tube benders can produce complex shapes, utilize short clamp lengths, and reduce wall thinning of your car’s external tubes.
  • Exhaust systems – Use our pipe benders to bend tight-radius stainless steel materials. They can also bend various alloys in various compound combinations.

Top-Quality Pipe Benders You Can Trust

We are a trusted distributor of Bailegh automotive products. Our steel pipe fabrication machines are capable of bending and forming exhaust pipes without causing wrinkles or distortion. They are easy-to-use and have a strong grip to keep every cut clean and precise.

Contact us to find the Baileigh product that meets your requirements.

Baileigh Pipe and Tube Bending Machines